Nupur Sharma criticizes Rahul Gandhi for his Lok Sabha speech, claiming he is trying to kill Sanatanis.

Former BJP Spokesperson Nupur Sharma who was suspended from the party in July 2022. Congress on Saturday launched a veiled attack on Rahul Gandhi for his 'violent Hindu' comment for his controversial comments about the Prophet of Islam. Sharma claimed that an erasure was being attempted. 'Sanatni' in the country.

Without naming the Rae Bareli MP, Nupur Sharma said that before making remarks against Hindus, people should understand that there is a conspiracy to wipe out Hindus from the country.

“When people in high positions claim that Hindus are violent, or when others say 'Of the Sanatanis should be wiped out, one should understand this conspiracy,” the former BJP leader said while addressing an event in Ghaziabad.

Two years after the incident, Nupur Sharma also spoke about her controversial statement during a TV debate that created a stir across the country. Sharma wondered why a Hindu daughter would have to live in such tight security.

“If there was no such conspiracy, a Hindu daughter would not have to live in such tight security in her own country,” he said.

Nupur Sharma was provided security by the Delhi Police after he and his family claimed to have received death threats over his controversial remarks. It has also been given. An arms license that allows him to carry a gun. to protect themselves.

Nupur Sharma, known for her hard-right stance, further asserted that if others can speak freely, they should be able to do so without facing threats of violence.

“The country will be governed by its constitution, not by any Sharia law,” he added.

Sharma created a political storm after making it. Insulting words against Prophet Muhammad During a television show that elicited a strong response from the Gulf countries. Later, he unconditionally retracted the controversial statement and in a statement on Twitter said that it was never his intention to hurt anyone's religious sentiments.

Several FIRs were registered against Sharma for allegedly hurting religious sentiments and there were protests in many parts of the country.

even Supreme Court targeted Nupur Sharmasaying that his “loose language has put the whole country at risk”.

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Sahil Sinha

Date of publication:

July 6, 2024

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