On Asteroid Day, giant 370-foot asteroid heading toward Earth at 20,923 mph, NASA says | Science News

NASA has revealed that a 370 feet space monster will pass very close to the Earth. This asteroid is traveling at a very high speed.

On Asteroid Day, a building-sized asteroid is set to pass very close to Earth today. (Pixabay)

Just as one of the world's largest asteroids, over 7200 feet in size, flew past Earth, another giant asteroid is set to fly past Earth. And this one will get even closer. It's the building-sized, 370-feet asteroid 2024 JJ25. As per the US space agency NASA's report, this asteroid will be at its closest approach to Earth at just 2,490,000 miles! That's a very uncomfortable proximity and to top it all off, it's traveling at a very fast speed. And today is also International Asteroid Day!

All about asteroid 2024 JJ25

This asteroid belongs to the Apollo group of asteroids and is classified as a near-Earth object by NASA's Small Body Database. This asteroid is traveling at a speed of 9.35 kilometers per second or 20923 miles per hour.

Is there any chance of this asteroid falling to Earth?

According to NASA, there is no possibility of this asteroid coming closer than the previously reported distance.

Having said that, there are many asteroids whose orbit and direction change when they pass near much larger bodies, such as planets, whose gravity is strong enough to exert some kind of pull on them.

What will be the destructive potential of this asteroid?

If an asteroid of this size fell on Earth, say in New York, it would create a crater more than 900 feet across and the impact would be equivalent to 6 megatons of TNT. The energy release would be greater than the Tunguska event in Russia. However, all of this is in the realm of conjecture based on the potential destructive power of this asteroid.

What is Asteroid Day?

Today is the date of Asteroid Day! International Asteroid Day is celebrated every year on June 30. This day is celebrated only to tell people about the danger posed to Earth by asteroids. Its purpose is to tell people that such a danger actually exists in space. Its purpose is to ensure people have a reliable crisis communication system in advance. If people know about such a danger in advance, it will be easier to deal with the danger. Otherwise, suddenly knowing about a crisis can lead to widespread panic.

What is the Tunguska event?

The Tunguska asteroid exploded in mid-air over a remote area of ​​Siberia in Russia and the explosion was so powerful that it destroyed millions of trees, literally razing them to the ground. Its strength has been estimated between 3 and 50 megatons. The Tunguska event occurred on June 30, 1908. Yes, on this day, 115 years ago.

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