OpenAI's new voice assistant ChatGPT-4o works like Apple's Siri

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  • OpenAI has just shown off ChatGPT-4o, which includes a live voice assistant.
  • It can speak with emotion and in a conversational manner.
  • Meanwhile, Apple's Siri is much less capable of complex tasks.

After OpenAI unveiled its latest iteration of ChatGPT, one tech executive is probably intensely jealous: Apple's Tim Cook.

ChatGPT-4o, as they're calling it, speaks in a conversational way with a lot of emotion — and lets you hear “wake words” or “Hey Siri!” No need to use exact commands like. As you do with Apple's Assistant.

It's been another leap forward for buzz-worthy ChatGPT as Siri and Amazon's Alexa remain stuck in neutral.

On Monday, Open AI chief technology officer Mira Muratti showed off the new voice mode of ChatGPT-4O, a voice chat assistant.

It is believed that it will be able to have a natural back-and-forth conversation with you. (Although, okay, to be fair, the only part of ChatGPT-4o we've actually seen is in a highly controlled public demo, so we'll see what it's really like IRL.)

The comparison to the female voice assistant in the movie “Her” was so obvious that even OpenAI CEO Sam Altman tweeted about it.

The voice chat assistant has a woman's voice (it's not clear if there are any options to change this) and is able to speak with emotion – be it excitement, friendliness, or even sarcasm. Could.

Meanwhile, Apple executives must be seething with jealousy. Last week, The New York Times reported that after testing ChatGPT last year, top Apple executives ordered a massive overhaul of Apple's Siri.

Siri has been around for over a decade, and while it's helpful for many tasks, it's also extremely limited. You have to say “Hey, Siri” to wake it up, and it can't really handle naturally flowing conversations. If you've ever used Siri, you know how often it can't understand you or actually complete a command.

Amazon's voice assistant Alexa also has a similar problem. I use Alexa in my house for things like the weather or playing music. But when I started playing with generative AI chatbots, I couldn't help but notice how Idiot Alexa feels, by comparison, incapable of doing straightforward things like playing a specific album on Spotify instead of just an artist's playlist.

OpenAI has apparently created a voice assistant chatbot that's far more advanced than Siri, and Tim Cook might be sweating a little.

But whenever Apple updates Siri with an AI makeover it has one big advantage: It's already the voice assistant on your iPhone — and that's a big deal.

Axel Springer, the parent company of Business Insider, has struck a global deal to allow OpenAI to train its models on reporting for its media brands.

Axel Springer, parent company of Business Insider, has struck a global deal to allow OpenAI to train its models on reporting for its media brands.

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