OpenAI's Sam Altman promises to show something that “feels like magic”

OpenAI has big things to announce on May 13, but Sam took the stage to announce what we won't see.

key takeaways

  • OpenAI is preparing an update on its projects via a live stream on May 13 at 10am PT. CEO Sam Altman has “unannounced” some ChatGPT features.
  • The event will not include GPT-5 or any search engine but something else will be announced. Sam Altman teases something that “feels like magic.”
  • Although it is unclear what exactly OpenAI will unveil, it is hinted to be an entirely new product. Stay tuned for the live stream event.

Where will you be on May 13th at 10am PT? If you have some spare time, you might want to take a look at what OpenAI is doing. The company has announced that it is preparing some updates on its projects via live stream on its website. Although we're unsure about what the company will announce, we now know what it won't. OpenAI CEO Sam Altman has “cancelled the announcement” of several potential ChatGPT features, so now we know what not to expect on Monday.


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Sam Altman discusses what won't be included in the ChatGPT event

Sam Altman took to X to make a post about the OpenAI event being streamed on May 13th. He didn't reveal much about what's on the schedule, but he did take some time to explain what won't be shown. For one, Sam says we won't see anything about ChatGPT's rumored search engine, nor will we hear anything about GPT-5. Of course, that doesn't mean OpenAI isn't working on those things; It just won't show up in Monday's presentation.

So, what will be announced? Sam has kept his lips tight-lipped about what OpenAI is working on, but the way he said he's going to announce “a few new things” could mean the company is in the midst of a major revamp. Will announce new product from. The question is, what is it that made the owner of one of the world's largest AI companies say that it “feels like magic” to him? We'll have to wait and see, and fortunately, we won't have to wait long.

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