Overwatch 2 players are divided on whether Sombra’s rework is an improvement

published, 2023-10-07T21:28:28

Updates, 2023-10-07T21:28:41

After Overwatch 2 fans crunched the numbers on Sombra’s rework, some are worried that the secret hacker’s new kit could be a downgrade.

As many Overwatch 2 fans know, Sombra was the latest character to get a rework following other characters like Bastion and Doomfist.

Sombra’s rework comes as part of Season 7, with the development team stating that the overall goal of its new kit is to maintain Sombra’s identity, while also making her more committed to the opponents she’s targeting .

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However, after seeing plenty of new details surrounding the rework, some Sombra fans are divided on whether or not these changes will be beneficial to the damage hero overall.

Overwatch 2 fans divided over Sombra’s rework

A post on the Overwatch subreddit sparked discussion among the community, with fans debating the merits and concerns of Sombra’s rework.

The thread used evidence provided by Blizzard’s development blog post, as well as an in-depth analysis video created by OW2 content creator FitzyHere.

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The post essentially broke down and compared the numbers on Sombra’s weapons, abilities, and more.

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Overall, there were many positives and negatives to Sombra’s new kit and players have begun to weigh in on how they feel about the changes.

One of the biggest points of controversy concerns Sombra’s translocator, which is now an instant teleport based on thrown projectiles.

“What did they do with the translocator? It’s basically just a small TP device now. After reading everything I don’t think I’ll ever be able to play Sombra again,” said one fan.

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Others argued that the new teleport better matches its new focus. “That’s the thing. They want Sombra to be with the team more often. “The playstyle of always going back to the health pack is what’s causing the problem,” another player said.

On the other hand, some players were concerned that the rework would make it less fun to play. “Balance aside, these changes seem to make it objectively less fun. Less button presses and less side survival. With 10HP the heart-pounding moments of activating the translocator will be gone.”

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Sombra’s rework will officially go live when Season 7 begins, so players will be able to make their final decision on her new kit soon.

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