Parliament session live: NEET designed to benefit rich students, says Rahul Gandhi in Lok Sabha

Think about election results, arrogance is your weakness: AAP MP Sanjay Singh to BJP

Leader of the House suggested to Chair Jagdeep Dhankhar that AAP MP Sanjay Singh's remarks be struck off the record. Mr. Singh says that any of his words that are out of order can be deleted.

Mr. Singh says that Mr. Rawat, himself and Mr. Kejriwal were released from jail and the court said that there was no connection between Mr. Kejriwal and the mini-trial. Mr. Dhankhar highlights that the issue under discussion is sub judice.

Quoting Vajpayee, Mr. Singh appealed to the Center to do politics with a big brain. They say that it is not right to target opposition members, it is bad politics. Who put people in jail, Chair Dhankhar asks, to which Mr Singh says it is the Centre's enforcement agencies by making false allegations. To which the chair says that it is a legal system.

Continuing his speech, Mr. Singh warned that whoever is in charge of the party should not put opposition members in jail, it will destroy the party.

He said that this election has given you the result of thinking. The speech talks about a clear mandate, but the BJP has won only 240 seats, he says, falling short of Modi's '400-par' slogan. You should think about your shortcomings, he tells the BJP, emphasizing that arrogance is one of his weaknesses.

Mr. Singh also highlighted how much money was spent on Ayodhya's infrastructure, noting that the Ram temple was leaking water. Mr. Dhankhar said that he should test his claims, and that he cannot speak in the House as he does outside.

He also asked the party not to become Bharatiya Jagha Party.

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