Payday 3 Dave Is Trolling Players With Classic Rickroll Prank In The Game

published, 2023-09-25T01:17:02

Updates, 2023-09-25T01:17:14

Payday 3 developers are trolling players with a classic Rickroll prank in the game, giving players a laugh amid a difficult launch.

Payday 3 officially launched on September 21st, and players who have been lucky enough to jump in and play the game are already discovering hidden surprises. One of the more ridiculous things in the Pay Day series is what happens when players scan one of the many QR codes scattered around the game’s heist locations.

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For example, a locked door labeled “VIP Showroom” in Dirty Ice Heist has a scannable QR code just to the right of the door. The code isn’t hidden just like that; It’s easily visible and has proven so attractive that some players are taking their phones and scanning the code.

But players hoping to gain access to the locked door are being served Rick Astley’s “Never Gonna Give You Up” on YouTube, a classic Rickroll prank.

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Players have been left stunned as the clip of the QR code scroll started circulating on social media. Most players find it hilarious, some Comment“It solves all the issues,” and another comment“When developers really have a lot of time before the launch deadline,” referencing the game’s difficult launch.

Payday 3’s release has been hampered by a flood of negative reviews in response to major server issues, matchmaking problems, and the controversial online-only requirement. Fans of the series were able to enjoy offline modes in the past, such as in Payday 2, but the controversial new requirement means players will have to register, log in, and stay online even when playing solo.

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Not surprisingly, the move to online-only, coupled with server downtime, led to widespread criticism, with the game earning a “mostly negative” rating on Steam after over 27,000 reviews.

Despite problematic server issues and the game’s overall “incomplete” status, these cheeky QR codes are bringing joy to the community after a tough week.

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