PHV: Panasonic launches PHV series LED displays, All-in-One (AIO) LED Wall in India

Panasonic has announced the new PHV series. It is an active LED display technology that helps improve kairos efficiency. Kairos is a professional platform solution that gives users the control to unleash their creative vision and craft immersive experiences.

The new technology was launched at the “Broadcast India Show” in Mumbai. The PHV series will enable broadcasters to redefine the possibilities of virtual production and create a format-free canvas to enhance video production.

Panasonic PHV series: key features
Many features of the advanced display platform include low scan and high frame rate capabilities. This display technology enables filmmakers and new-age content creators to seamlessly blend the realms of technology and imagination to enable virtual applications such as (XR/VR/AR).

The PHV series active LED display supports 7,860Hz refresh rate and delivers 1000-1500 nits high brightness with 10-bit color depth to achieve accurate color reproduction, reduce artifacts and enhance the overall visual content. A valuable trait in filmmaking. quality.

Additionally, the active LED display supports gray-level enhancement, HDR10 compatibility, and power-saving mode. Thus, contributing to increased image realism and smoother color changes, which improves the viewing experience for viewers. It is designed for full front dismantling and assembly with 45-degree cut corners and flexible module splicing.


Panasonic All-in-One (AIO) LED Wall Launched
Along with the PHV series, Panasonic has also launched an All-in-One (AIO) LED Wall, which comes with a picture-in-picture mode. This user-friendly feature enhances usability by allowing users to work with multiple sources of content simultaneously.

Both the Active LED Display and the AIO LED Wall feature IPX certification, having been primarily engineered for exceptional durability and flexibility against wear and impact, whether from exposure to water or harsh environmental conditions.

PHV displays offer the ability to customize and fine-tune the color gamut. This is a highly beneficial feature for professional-grade LED screens. This capability ensures the recreation of almost every color found in the natural world. Therefore it expands the spectrum of color expression. These displays are suitable for a wide variety of applications in which the quality and accuracy of color reproduction is important.

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