Pixel 8a has 'Snapshot' widgets and 'inside out' wallpapers

In addition to being a mid-ranger, Google is touting the Pixel 8a as “a great phone for families and kids.” One way the Pixel 8a does this is with the “Snapshot” homescreen widget.

Snapshot will let you “quickly snap and frame your favorite people and daily moments from your life.” It's skeuomorphic because it simulates a photo taken by an instant camera with a piece of tape at the top that attaches it to your homescreen. The date also appears in the bottom-left corner.

Click the camera icon to take a new photo that is saved and backed up to your Google Photos library. You have a chance to review it before it's set. Tapping on the current image will open the Google Photos editor, while you can take a new snap at any time.

This is entertaining and something that would be nice to have on all Pixel phones in a future update.

Adds a snapshot widget of how the “Set Parental Controls”/Family Link option appears during the Pixel 8a onboarding process.

Meanwhile, our Pixel 8a has two default wallpapers that suggest the upcoming inside out 2 Tie in. The sequel to the beloved 2015 film will hit theaters on June 14, which is exactly a month after the Pixel 8a launch.

  • Inside Out: Headquarters – Mind World – “Headquarters is the control center in Riley's mind where emotions live and work, guiding Riley throughout her day.”
  • Inside Out: Friendship Island – Islands of Personality – “Riley's islands of personality are driven by core memories, which are memories of extremely important times in Riley's life.”
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