Pixel Watch 2 brings some new watch faces [Gallery]

Google is launching the Pixel Watch 2 with support for Wear OS 4 out of the box, as well as several new watch faces. Everyone is new here.

digital bold

Pictured above, Digital Bold is a watch face that matches one of the new lockscreen styles found in Android 14 on Pixel phones. The face design is very simple and can be used in many different color options. It can also use the “Just Time” layout Or You can switch it on the side to enable three complications.


The Adventure watch face is one of Google’s newer, more information-dense designs. It shows the time with analog hands and has slots for the day of the week and date as well as four complications. The face can also be edited to use a digital clock or add an “arc” that appears along the radius of the display with four additional complication slots to show even more information.

pixel watch 2 faces 1

analog arcs

Next on the list is “Analog Arcs”, which is similar to Adventure, but features arc complications by default. It’s set to four arcs by default, but you can also set it to show only two large arcs, or switch to a “minimal” design that has a simpler design. Like any other, it also comes in different colors.

pixel watch 2 faces 2 1

On Large scale

Google is introducing a very simple, highly noticeable watch face in a “big way.” This option features a large digital watch and a large eccentric complication. Face types can shore up complexity, or remove it altogether, and again there are many color options. The default complication is your heart rate, but virtually anything will work in this slot.

pixel watch 2 faces 3


An analog face, “Rotation”, lists the date along with the minute and hour hands and has a seconds hand that shows the number of each point as the watch passes. It’s a fun little design, but not very flexible. There is no support for complications, the only option is to turn off the indices around the sides, as well as change the colors. Still, it’s a great look.

pixel watch 2 faces 4

The rest of the Pixel Watch faces are largely still available in the sequel, and we’ll be available too accept it These options will arrive natively when Google launches its Wear OS 4 update in the next month or two.

The Pixel Watch 2 will be released on October 12, with pre-orders open now.

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