Playboy Fires Mia Khalifa Over ‘Disgusting’ Israel-Palestine Comments

Playboy has ended its partnership with influencer Mia Khalifa after accusing her of making “hateful and derogatory comments” about Hamas attacks in Israel that have killed hundreds of civilians.

The Lebanese-American former porn star, 30, has posted several times since the unrest began on Saturday when Palestinian militants crossed into Israel from Gaza and began killing and kidnapping Israelis. His comments, which have sparked an angry response online, have generally expressed various forms of solidarity with Palestine but have also included dark, glowing remarks about gruesome videos of the slaughter.

In an email to users of Playboy’s Centerfold — a platform similar to OnlyFans that connects content creators with fans — Playboy said it would no longer work with Khalifa, who joined the site last year. Who was

“We are writing today to inform you of our decision to end Playboy’s relationship with Mia Khalifa, including the deletion of Mia’s Playboy channel from our creator platform,” the company wrote. ” Daily mail. As of Tuesday morning, his page appears to have been taken down.

“Over the past few days, Mia has made hateful and reprehensible comments celebrating Hamas’ attacks on Israel and the killing of innocent men, women and children,” the email continued. “At Playboy, we encourage free expression and constructive political debate, but we have a zero-tolerance policy for hate speech. We hope Mia understands that her words and actions have consequences. are exported.

Hours after the attack began, Khalifa began posting about events in Israel to his 5.6 million followers on X (formerly Twitter). “If you can look at the situation in Palestine and not side with the Palestinians, you are on the wrong side of racism and history will show that in time,” one of his first posts read.

Later on Saturday, as disturbing videos of the terror began to surface online, Khalifa wrote: “Can someone please tell the freedom fighters in Palestine to flip their phones and watch the film horizontally. ” The same day, she followed up with: “I can’t believe the Zionist apartheid regime is being toppled by guerilla fighters in fake Gucci shirts – biopics of those moments better reflect that.”

He later said of his post about filming Horizontally that “the statement is in no way inciting the spread of violence in any shape or form, I specifically told libertarians. Because these are the Palestinian citizens… fighting for freedom every day.”

But Todd Shapiro — a former broadcaster who founded Red Light Holland, a mushroom company that engaged Khalifa as an adviser earlier this year — responded to his original post, saying it was “such a terrible tweet. “was “Consider yourself immediately effective,” Shapiro wrote. “Just disgusting. Beyond hate. Please grow and become a better person.

“I just want to make sure that there is 4k footage of my people breaking open the walls of an open-air prison and forcing them out of their homes and that we have good options for the history books.” Write how. [sic] They freed themselves from apartheid,” Khalifa wrote in response. “Please worry about your sad little company’s lack of direction and purpose before you say my name again,” he wrote, adding that the business should “beg for my investment in your little project.” Should research, I’m from Lebanon, are you? Crazy to expect me to support colonialism.

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