PM Modi has challenged CM Naveen Patnaik to name the districts and capitals of Odisha without help. India News

New Delhi: PM Narendra Challenged Saturday Odisha Chief Minister Naveen Patnaik To name all Districts of Odisha And without looking at their “capital” on paper. The comments came as he accused BJD leader Due to the public being “unaware” of the issues.
“Ask Naveen Babu to name the districts of Odisha and their respective capitals without looking at the paper. If the Chief Minister cannot name the districts of the state, will he know your pain?” He said while addressing a rally in Odisha's Kandhamal.
He further criticized Patnaik for being oblivious to people's problems, saying “People are angry with Naveen Patnaik because he is not aware of people's problems”, adding, “Can you leave your child's future to him?” ?”
A promise to restore the reputational position ofShri Ratna Bhandar” Give me five years, not more, just five years, I will make your state number one.”
“There are vast opportunities for the tourism sector to flourish in Odisha. And, the tourism sector generally has an impact on the overall economy of the region. Your state government is unwilling to trust your capabilities, which is why Your progress stops. The election is very important for the people of Odisha”, he said.
Criticizing the BJD and the Congress for “declaring Kandhamal as a backward district”, PM Modi said, “Modi has decided to convert such backward districts into aspirational districts of the country. I am in these districts. I monitor the work regularly.”
The state of Odisha will hold assembly and Lok Sabha elections in four phases from May 13 to June 1, with the counting of votes on June 4.
Biju Janata Dal (BJD) won 112 out of 146 seats in the 2019 assembly elections, followed by Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) with 23 seats and Congress with 9.

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