PM said he has direct connection with God, then why BJP lost in Ayodhya, Rahul Gandhi questioned.

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Last update: 06 July 2024, 09:27 IST


08:3906 July 2024

PM Modi said he has direct connection with God, then why BJP lost in LS polls in Ayodhya, asks Rahul Gandhi in Ahmedabad

08:3406 July 2024

BJP movement was based on Ram temple, saw Adani, Ambani but no poor in its inauguration, Rahul said in Ahmedabad, LOP Rahul Gandhi

We are allocating more money for conservation areas. Congress MP Hebe Eden says that the fishing community has been given a lot of hope, but nothing has been given to them.

The movement, which was started by Adaniji, centered in Ayodhya, India defeated the movement in Ayodhya, says Rahul.

We will defeat Narendra Modi and BJP in Gujarat the way we defeated them in Ayodhya, says Rahul in Ahmedabad.

Former BRS leader K Keshava Rao, who recently joined the Congress, has been appointed adviser (public affairs) to the Telangana government.

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Union Minister Manohar Lal Khattar says that the lies told by the Congress will not work in the next elections.

Published 06 July 2024, 02:42 IST

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