PM update: One or two severe thunderstorms likely tonight, more likely Sunday afternoon and evening

Temperatures in the area are approaching 100 degrees as the heat and humidity increase following the arrival of a hot wind. Some clouds will remain and winds will continue to be mild until just before sunset. While our main severe thunderstorm threat is Sunday afternoon and evening, we can't rule out that a severe thunderstorm or two could move into the area from the northwest late this evening and before dawn.

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until tonight: Mostly cloudy, very humid, with record warm mid-70s to near 80 lows possible. Rain and storm chances should be concentrated mainly in the evening and overnight hours. Weaker showers and storms may continue toward sunrise, but will be more spotty.

If some of the storms become severe – with the greatest threat being wind gusts – they are more likely to occur geographically in northern areas of the city and before midnight. Some haze may be seen at sunrise in humid areas.

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Tomorrow (Sunday): The combination of heat and humidity will likely create heat index values ​​near 105 degrees. Stay comfortable, use shade and air conditioning if possible. After a chance for light rain and thunderstorms in the morning, our attention turns to possible, multiple storms developing after 2 PM. Some could be severe with damaging wind gusts in excess of 57 mph, as a powerful cold front moves in. Thermometer temperatures top out at 95 degrees.

The bad weather conditions tend to subside with time in the evening, but we may have to keep an eye on the weather until midnight, especially in the south and east parts of the city. Early morning winds from the northwest gradually reduce humidity, cooling the temperature to the low to mid-60s.

Severe storm chance over the weekend: More likely on Sunday

A cold front arriving Sunday night gives us a good start to our work week. Before that, we could see severe storms tonight and Sunday. Let's review chronologically, first the “marginal” (1 out of 5) overall severe storm probability tonight,

What: Remnants of a broken squall line

· Time: Mid evening to around midnight

Potential hazards: Destructive winds in excess of 57 mph; one or two flash floods; one or two weak, brief tornadoes

Geography: The northern part of the city is a problem area; storm lines tend to flow from our northwest to southeast and fade over time

next, sunday Overall, there is a “moderate” (2 out of 5) chance of severe thunderstorms:

What: One or two lines of storms induced by the cold wave

· Time: From afternoon to at least late evening

Potential hazards: Destructive wind gusts in excess of 57 mph; one or two flash floods; one or two weak, brief tornadoes; one or two large hail reports

Geography: Most of the area, possibly a bit favorable along I-95 and to the east

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