Pool exercises are at their peak in the scorching heat of Mumbai

People in Mumbai are doing water workouts to stay cool and fit in summer (Shutterstock)

Does the extreme heat make you dread the idea of ​​your usual outdoor walk or run? Replace that routine with a much cooler idea – a water workout! These water-based exercises have become a favorite fitness regimen for many.

Deepali Jain teaches pool workout using noodles
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Aqua expert Deepali Jain confirms, “Yes, indeed, the demand for aqua-related exercises reaches a peak in April and May. With rising temperatures and pools available in many new high-rise buildings, everyone wants to jump into the water. While swimming is one aspect, there are plenty of water-based exercises that burn calories, boost circulation, lower basal heart rate and help you relax.” Adds fitness and nutrition expert Ria Ekhlas Shroff. “Aqua walks, jogging and cycling are a nice change in the summer as it provides low-impact, but effective cardiovascular exercise.”

From shallow to deep: Wide range of exercises

Explaining more about the water-based diet, Jain says, “There are many water exercises that one can do. Shallow water workouts are great for burning fat and involve a lot of rhythm, speed and variations like Aqua Zumba, HIIT, Tabata, aerobics, strength training, aqua yoga and even kick-boxing. They target beginners and even non-swimmers enjoy them.'' She adds, ''The intensity of the exercises increases in the center of the pool, incorporating plyometrics and various equipment. . Balance and agility are important and these workouts are for intermediate and advanced students. In the deeper part of the pool where you are suspended using a variety of flotation devices, it makes for complete core engagement and lymphatic drainage. Here you do Pilates in water as well as movement exercises.”

Water burns calories better

Water workouts have a distinct advantage over land workouts. Jain explains, “Water has 13 times more resistance than air, so water workouts are more difficult and provide more resistance than land workouts. It enables you to burn 500-1,200 calories in an hour.

Water burns more calories and has zero impact on joints (Shutterstock)

Depending on the depth of the pool, it has no effect on the joints. She adds, “Exercises in water are recommended. Your body weight is only 10 percent in water, so there is no stress on the joints. Since water supports you from all sides, it is easier to do exercises on land.” There is less chance of injury than traditional exercises, where any wrong movement can lead to ligament tears/strains or fractures, and every part of the body is worked equally from the neck down. goes.”

Aqua ballet brings fluidity to fitnessTea

Aditi Mansingka, who teaches aqua ballet at Lodha Park, Worli, says that this water workout is completely inspired by ballet technique.

Fitness Aqua Ballet Class organised at Lodha Park (Aditi Mansinghka)

“It is effective for flexibility, agility and inch-loss, I have seen people lose two inches in 10 days with it. It depends on the movements you do in the water. There are steps like dégés and passés, where you make a triangle shape with the leg. On land, doing such steps for a long time can be difficult, but in the pool, the buoyancy of the water helps propel the leg and cover a longer distance,” she adds. “It can be done for anyone; we have a 72-year-old man in session who is doing it very well.”

A variety of equipment is used for pool fitness workouts, such as dumbbells, pool noodles, aqua treadmills and water bikes (Shutterstock)

Equipment Used in Water Workouts

Dumbbells, noodles, aqua boxing gloves, resistance tubing, ankle weights for water walking, aqua treadmill and water bike.

Do's and Don'ts for Water Workouts– Rhea Ekhlas Shroff, fitness and nutrition expert

Skin and Hair Care: Protect your skin and hair from chlorine by applying moisturizer and wearing a swimming cap.

eye protection: Wear goggles to protect your eyes from chlorine and prevent irritation.

Start slow: Start the workout slowly and then increase the intensity.

Never work too hard: Don't push yourself too much; listen to your body and maintain your pace.

No stunts: Do not hold your breath for too long or attempt any challenging stunts underwater.

Understand your limits: Do only exercises that suit your skill level and ability.

First train: Do not attempt any advanced techniques unless you have proper training and do it under someone's supervision. Avoid diving or capsizing if you are inexperienced.

Poolside is risky: Always be cautious near the edges of the pool as these are accident spots.

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