Postecoglou makes it clear what Tottenham need in the transfer window to challenge Manchester City

Anze Postecoglou has made it clear that if you're a successful club you don't hang bragging rights pictures on the wall, as Tottenham prepare to face Manchester City in a Premier League game that will have a big impact on Arsenal.

Spurs welcome Pep Guardiola's side to the Tottenham Hotspur Stadium on Tuesday evening. A City win would take the visitors one step closer to lifting the Premier League trophy for the fourth consecutive year and a Spurs victory would instead give their local rivals Arsenal the advantage on the final day.

Two wins for Tottenham in their remaining games and Aston Villa losing their final game at Crystal Palace will see Postecoglou's men finish fourth and qualify for the Champions League, but a large section of Spurs fans will be happy that their team made it Lost the match. To prevent their local rivals from winning the title. Postecoglou says he is aiming for bigger prizes rather than simply making Arsenal supporters unhappy.

“I think these past 16 years [since Spurs last won a trophy], there have been years when Tottenham enjoyed bragging rights. Walk into the hall, friend, there are no bragging rights there. There is no one there. The pictures on the wall don't show the players with a big sign saying 'We have bragging rights',” the Australian said.

“They've just got pictures of Bill Nicholson and people who have really accomplished things. That's where I want to bring us. The funny thing is, if you win a trophy, you also have bragging rights. It happens. I just want to make sure that we stay disciplined and focused. It would be easy for me to say that overcoming our rivals is the most important thing.

“You can do this and not win anything and I'll feel great about myself and maybe the fans will feel good about me, but if that's our goal then we can't be successful. For me. Success means winning trophies and until we do that, we just have to make sure we stay focused on what we want to achieve.”

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“I guess you have to [have that], If you look at the top teams, it's part of the process. We don't have any European football this year, so even if you have European football it is impossible to try to maintain the level of performance in the Premier League and play in many competitions unless you have a strong team,” They said. .

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