Power cut: Discom officials transferred in Noida and Ghaziabad due to power cut | Noida News

NOIDA: After the heatwave affected power supply across NCR, resulting in widespread blackouts, Noida and Ghaziabad were affected by Uttar Pradesh Power Corporation Limited (UPPCL). Many disc officers were transferred. Among them were the Chief Engineer of PVVNL in Noida as well as two Chief Engineers of Zone 1 and 2 of Ghaziabad. Several superintending and executive engineers were also transferred as the power cut continued on Sunday. Noida Zone Chief Engineer (CE) Rajeev Mohan has been transferred to Lucknow and replaced by Harish Bansal from Ayodhya as PVVNL's new Noida CE. He is expected to take charge this week. Neeraj Swarup, CE Zone 1 in Ghaziabad and PK Singh, CE Zone 2 have also been transferred to Lucknow. Their transfers are yet to be announced. While the Superintending Engineer (SE) of Circle 1 Noida has been transferred to Purvanchal Vidyut Vatran Nigam (PUVVNL), SE Nandalal of Circle 2 Noida has been transferred to Dakshinanchal Vidyut Vatran Nigam Limited (DVVNL). ) has been changed to Also, Executive Engineer (EE) Mandeep Singh posted at Block-3 under Circle 2 Noida has been transferred to DVVNL and EE Deepak Kumar posted at Greater Noida has been transferred to Kanpur Electricity Supply Company Limited (Cisco). has gone Further, Executive Engineer Block-2 Meter Testing Shiv Kumar has been transferred to DVVNL, EE Block-2 Richit Khanna has been transferred to PUVVNL, EE Avneesh Kumar has been transferred to Block-4. Madhyanchal Vidyut Vatran Nigam Limited (MVVNL) and EE Alok Prakash have been appointed in the block. -8 has been transferred to DVVNL. In Ghaziabad, EE Motonjay Pathak of Division 8 and EE Yadvinder Singh EE Division 10 have been transferred. Apart from this, several Assistant Engineers have also been transferred to Purvanchal, Dakshinchal, Madhyanchal Vidyut Vatarna Nigams. At present no change of officer is pending in Noida except CE, new posting is expected in next one or two days. PVVNL. The move has led to widespread speculation on social media platforms. Continued poor power supply has been cited as the main reasons behind the dismal pace of repair and infra-upgrade work. Repair and capacity enhancement of transformers and substations is underway in Noida with a budget of around Rs 250 crore, while similar is the case in Ghaziabad. A budget of around Rs 130 crore is in progress for 2023-24. Residents of both the cities have been complaining of slow pace of work as per required standards, resulting in unannounced power cuts, tripping and localized breakdowns due to low voltage this season even though the heat last month. Heavy wave conditions have reduced the demand to 2300 MW in Noida and 1350 MW in Ghaziabad compared to 2468 MW in Noida and about 1550 MW in Ghaziabad in June, due to humidity and weak power of cables, overloading continues. Is. Breakdown of transformers and other equipment. Ajay Ojha, the current chief engineer of Zone 3 Ghaziabad, told TOI that the budget for repairs and basic works for the whole of Ghaziabad for 2023-24 was around Rs 130 crore. “Of this, about 20% of the work is yet to be completed even as more business plans await approval and are being made for the pending works,” Ojha said.

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