Pre-Winter, Pulmonary Health Checkup for Gurugram Traffic Policemen

Tribune News Service

Somedha Sharma

Gurugram, September 24

As the city prepares for bad air days, the Gurugram Traffic Police has decided to conduct a pulmonary health check-up of its police personnel. 1,200 traffic personnel will be screened for any possible lung problems, breathing problems or allergies. This will finalize their postings during the coming winter.

Although the entire force is equipped with anti-pollution masks every winter, the police are extra vigilant as the city has been in the worst air category (in NCR) for the past five years.

As several police personnel have been infected with Covid multiple times, the police is testing its manpower, after which their place of posting will be decided. Those in good health will be placed in areas with the worst Air Quality Index (AQI) while those with problems will be placed in areas with low vehicle density. “We have enough masks for policemen, but regular health check-ups are being done. This time we will get their lungs checked. On an average, policemen spend 8 hours outside even when the air quality is bad. This check-up will help rationalize their posting and ensure their good pulmonary health,” said Virender Vij, DCP, Traffic.


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