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Skincare trends change rapidly, with new techniques and methods emerging on TikTok and Instagram Reels, making it difficult to know which techniques actually work. If you are a skincare enthusiast, you would be familiar with rejuvenation, but have you heard of prejuvenation? After trends like vampire facials, ice rollers, retinol, and sheet masks, prejuvenation is now taking over the beauty world. In this era where skincare has evolved beyond imagination, accessibility and affordability are certainly possible, the younger generation is looking for advanced skincare routines. Gen Z and Gen Y are not here to wait and see until they show signs of skin damage like open pores, fine lines, wrinkles, and pigmentation. Now, this is where prejuvenation comes into play. (Also read: Geisha-inspired skin care: From origins to DIY masks and expert tips, all about this popular Japanese beauty ritual ,

What is prejuvenation?

The goal of prejuvenation is to prevent signs of aging before they appear, rather than trying to reverse them afterward. (Pexels)

“Prejuvenation is a preventive protocol that includes a good skincare routine and non-surgical skincare treatments, which help you achieve your skin goals as they boost collagen, prevent pigmentation, reduce open pores and give you anti-ageing benefits. It includes a balanced skincare routine that protects the skin barrier combined with certain treatments that target skin thinning, laxity, fine lines, wrinkles and pigmentation, usually based on the skin concern based on which we design a treatment plan to ensure that you look refreshed and a better version of yourself. All these treatments will give you the most natural results,” Dr Deepthi Atmakuri, dermatologist and founder of Clinical Derm, Hyderabad, shared in an interview with HT Lifestyle.

When should you start?

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Dr Deepthi says, “There is no time limit for prejuvenation treatment. The sooner the better, as skin changes are largely dependent on genetics.”

What prejuvenation treatments are available?

Dr. Deepthi recommends the following prejuvenation treatments:

1. Morpheus 8

When it comes to non-surgical contouring, who doesn't know about this magic wand that has antiaging and scar reduction benefits. Hollywood is all about Morpheus 8, an advanced microneedling device that can boost collagen, prevent fine lines, wrinkles, scars, open pores. Morpheus 8 holds a special place at Clinica Derm as Clinica Derm has designed the protocol primarily for Indians after extensive research.

2. Haifu/Ultratherapy

It's focused ultrasound energy is amazing for skin lifting, jaw line definition, skin tightening, collagen and elastin boosting properties.

3. Skin boosters

Skin boosters like Volite, Vital and Profhilo that have biomodulator capabilities are injectable hyaluronic acid, which provides smoothness, moisture and collagen boosting capabilities to the skin. Those who want glowing skin should opt for injectables.

4. Laser resurfacing

Lasers are established in dermatology and aesthetics, smooth and even skin tone is very important and lasers are best in these situations so that you can achieve a healthy and natural looking skin.

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