PS5 Release: Homebrew Loader by John Tornblom

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Releases for the PS5 are constantly coming out and it’s a little difficult to catch up. Following SlyrsGoAV’s success with PS4 FPKG support, developer John Tornblom has released a homebrew BigApp loader for the PS5. Homebrew Loader is confirmed to work on firmware 3.21 and 4.50, but is still a work in progress.

Packaged apps on PS5 are divided into several categories SCE_LNC_APP_TYPE_BIG_APP, SCE_LNC_APP_TYPE_MINI_APP, SCE_LNC_APP_TYPE_INVALID, SCE_LNC_APP_TYPE_DAEMON, SCE_LNC_APP_TYPE_CDLG, SCE_LNC_APP_TYPE_SHELL_APP, Specifically there are “Big Apps” and “Mini Apps”.

“Homebrew” apps on the PS5 are classified as “Big Apps”, which is why you’ll see that name occasionally in the scene.

download and use

As a reminder, you need a hacked PS5 to run this.

HB Loader is an ELF, it should theoretically work on the WebKit or BD-JB versions of the PS5 exploit.

For best results, you should obtain the sources and compile them yourself:

Alternatively, there’s a premade version courtesy of Pie Chan on the PS5 Discord server. You can get it here

“Homebrew Loader” Load the ELF as usual, then you can send your homebrew to port 9021 (see makefile of the code)

I don’t know of a technically any homebrew for PS5 yet, but John has included a test homebrew with his code for people to test.

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