Punjabi singer Gurdas Maan will no longer perform in Canada: ‘Responsible, necessary’ latest news of india

Amid the ongoing India-Canada diplomatic row, Punjabi singer Gurdas Maan’s visit to Canada has been canceled and the production house said the move is the most responsible and necessary action at the moment. “In light of the current diplomatic unrest between the two countries and after careful consideration and assessment of the unexpected circumstances, it has been determined that canceling the event is the most responsible and necessary action at this time,” the production said. The House announced the cancellation of Gurdas Mann’s visit in a post on Facebook.

Gurdas Mann canceled his Canada tour amid India-Canada diplomatic crisis.
Gurdas Mann canceled his Canada tour amid India-Canada diplomatic crisis.

Gurdas Maan was scheduled to perform in Canada between October 22 and October 31 this month. But after Canada accused India of the murder of Hardeep Singh Nijjar, there is a standoff between India and Canada. India rejected the allegation and sought specific information regarding the allegation, which New Delhi claimed Ontario never provided. However, Canada claimed it had provided details several weeks earlier. The diplomatic meltdown reached such a level that India suspended its visa services to Canada and Canada began transferring its diplomats from India as India accused them of interfering in internal affairs. India also alleged that Canada provides safe haven to Khalistani terrorists, about which India had warned Canada several times. Nijjar was one of them but Canada treated Nijjar as a religious head.

Canada has the largest population of Sikhs outside Punjab and many Punjabi rappers live in Canada. Before Gurdas Maan, Canada-based rapper Shubneet Singh was at the helm when his first India tour was canceled in September following outrage over his pro-Khalistani views. Shubh was criticized for an old social media post that showed a distorted map of India excluding Jammu and Kashmir. After the cancellation of his show, Shubh said that India is his country too and he was also born in India. “And Punjab is my soul, Punjab is in my blood. Whatever I am today is because of being a Punjabi. Punjabis do not need to give proof of patriotism. At every turn of history, Punjabis have sacrificed their lives for freedom. Have made a sacrifice.” Of this country. So my humble request is to please refrain from naming every Punjabi as separatist or anti-national,” Shubh wrote.

Indo-Canadian rapper AP Dhillon faced calls for a boycott as he showed solidarity with Shubh and said that musicians now have to “second and triple guess” every step of the way. Diljit Dosanjh’s name was also dragged many times in the Khalistani controversy.

Amidst this controversy, Gurdas Maan decided to postpone his Canada tour and promised his fans that all the ticket money would be refunded and new dates would be announced soon.

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