Rahul Gandhi vs PM in Lok Sabha

New Delhi:

The Bharatiya Janata Party – led by Prime Minister Narendra Modi, Home Minister Amit Shah, and Defense Minister Rajnath Singh – reacted strongly to Rahul Gandhi's speech in Parliament on Monday, hurling insults at the Congress MP against the Hindu community. Allegedly.

This came after Mr Gandhi launched a scathing attack on the BJP and its ideological patron, the RSS, armed with a copy of the Constitution and images of religious icons including Lord Shiva, Prophet Muhammad and Guru Nanak Singh, claiming was that none of them represents the real. All Hindus

Mr. Modi rose twice to reject the Congress leader's remarks.

“Calling the entire Hindu society violent is a serious problem…” Mr Modi said for the first time.

His second intervention drew mockery from his rivals. The Prime Minister declared that the Constitution had taught him to respect the office of Leader of the Opposition, which Mr. Gandhi held today.

The main trigger for all the uproar was Rahul Gandhi's scathing attack on the BJP and the RSS, whom he accused of violence against minorities. “Our great men spoke of non-violence (but) those who call themselves Hindus speak only of hatred. you Hindu Hello no (You are not a Hindu),” he said.

Rahul Gandhi's fiery speech

Mr. Gandhi began his speech by claiming “the ideology of India… a complete and systematic attack on the Constitution and on those who resisted the attack on the Constitution”. Many opposition leaders were “personally attacked”, Congress leader thundered “some are still in jail”.

The reference appears to be to Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal, whose AAP is part of the Congress-led Indian opposition bloc. Mr. Kejriwal is in Delhi's Tihar Jail due to his arrest in the liquor policy case.

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