Raiders’ Jimmy Garoppolo in concussion protocol after SNF loss to Steelers: Who can fill in?

Las Vegas Raiders quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo is in the concussion protocol, coach Josh McDaniels said Monday. Here’s what you need to know:

  • Garoppolo was evaluated for a concussion following the Raiders’ 23–18 loss to the Pittsburgh Steelers on “Sunday Night Football”.
  • McDaniels said there was no discussion about Garoppolo’s injury in the fourth quarter. He doesn’t know what injury may have caused it and hasn’t talked to his QB as of this morning.
  • Garoppolo completed 28 of 44 passing for 324 yards and two touchdowns with three interceptions in his home debut, bringing his season pick total to a league-high six. He was sacked four times, twice by TJ Watt.
  • On second-and-10 with 7:18 remaining in the fourth quarter, Steelers safety Minkah Fitzpatrick was flagged for unnecessary roughness for making contact with Garoppolo’s helmet while leveling him on a sack. Garoppolo was slow to get up, but hung on and three plays later threw a touchdown pass to receiver Davante Adams to make it a one-score game. Garoppolo also played the Raiders’ entire final two drives.

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Garoppolo played every snap on Sunday against the Steelers, but was evaluated for a concussion after the game. Garoppolo took several big hits during the game, and McDaniels said the reason he was placed in the concussion protocol may have been a cluster of injuries rather than one big hit.

“He’s in protocol,” McDaniels said Monday. “Nothing was ever mentioned or discussed regarding that. I’m not even sure what caused it or it was just an accumulation. I do not know. There was never any discussion about this, so I don’t know exactly. And I haven’t seen him until this morning, so I’m not exactly sure if it was an act or if it was just the culmination of things.

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Who can fill Garoppolo’s shoes?

Veteran Brian Hoyer was Garoppolo’s backup Sunday night, but rookie Aidan O’Connell led the NFL in passer rating in the preseason and would seem to be an option to start against the Chargers as well.

The 37-year-old Hoyer almost retired this offseason, but McDaniels, his old offensive coordinator with the Patriots, asked him to come to Las Vegas and be a tool for Garoppolo to get reacquainted with the offense and help O’Connell learn it. Persuaded to. Hoyer is 0-12 in his last dozen NFL starts. , Tafoor

Hoyer has been the backup through three games — O’Connell has been inactive — but that hierarchy should be viewed through the lens of Garoppolo getting healthy and the Raiders potentially needing someone suddenly in the game. If Garoppolo misses practice and ultimately doesn’t play Sunday against the Chargers, whoever starts this week will have a full week of practice to prepare. This could potentially change the math on who the Raiders ultimately decide to go with. , reed

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When discussing whether the Raiders were preparing to make Hoyer the starter, McDaniels said: “We’ll prepare for everybody. I mean, obviously, it would change things with respect to Aidan (O’Connell), as well, if Jimmy didn’t have to progress through the protocols to be able to play. So, we’re working hard to prepare for how we can best manage that situation as it progresses through the week.

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