Report: NFL tells Jets John Franklin-Myers should not have been flagged for roughing

On Wednesday, Jets coach Robert Saleh said he would talk about the league misbehaving with a pedestrian Defensive lineman John Franklin-Myers was called up against Dallas on Sunday. Saleh reportedly got the answer.

Via Brian Costello New York PostThe league told the Jets that foul play shouldn’t have calledAnd that the hit was legal.

“I can’t train anything to make it any different,” Saleh told reporters as he was pulled down, his face still bruised to the hip above the knee, which is still legal. ” ,so everything about it was legal,

The NFL agreed. Not that it really matters anymore.

The flag was thrown on a third-down play from the Jets 11. A pass from Cowboys quarterback Dak Prescott to receiver CeeDee Lamb was incomplete. The Cowboys, who were leading 10–7 at the time, would likely have opted for a field goal.

Instead, he got a new set of five falls. Dallas eventually scored a touchdown.

The problem with this serious foul remains that the rule book clearly tells officials to throw the flag when in doubt. This means that there will be occasions when a legal hit will be marked, if/when officials resolve a suspicion in the manner instructed.

In this case, Franklin-Myers appeared to be bottoming out. Although the hit was ultimately clean, there was apparently enough suspicion to draw a flag.

The easy solution to this is to remove the “when in doubt” standard. Until that happens, there will still be tough calls made from time to time that should not have been made.

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