Residents of Pune are queuing up to serve Warkaris Pune News

Written by Vinash Chauhan and Darvi Linker

As devotees from the villages of western Maharashtra and Marathwada walk at high speed to follow the palanquins of Saint Tukaram and Saint Dhaneshwar, the city police, district administration and volunteers are on hand to ensure the processions move smoothly and safely. Tried hard.

Many residents of Pune also came forward to offer breakfast, food and refreshments to the Warkaris, ensuring that they had a comfortable journey.

Vinayak Darutkar, on behalf of Defense Colony, said his stall, set up near Vakdewadi, where the palanquin procession enters the city, has a legacy of over 80 years.

“This stall is managed by the colony administration, even the colonel and many youths are involved in this work,” said Darutkar. “We serve warkari with 'gud dhani' because it has a good shelf life, and we want to offer something that lasts throughout their journey. We sell about 5,000 kg of 'gud dhani' in a five-hour period. “Distribute to the devotees. Many warkaris get plenty of food from the city, but 'gur dhani' is a special treat that sustains them for longer,” he said.

A festive offering

“It was an amazing experience to walk with Sant Takaram Palkhi for the first time. I am thankful for the welcoming nature of the residents of Pune. Their food arrangements and hospitality made the journey memorable,” said Dehu. said 16-year-old Shivam Jadhav, who joined the Yatra through the Pavandham Sanstha.

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