Richa Chadha revealed that she drank a quarter of gin to perform the 'Hiramandi' dance sequence as she couldn't get it right in 40 takes.

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Richa Chadha recently shared an interesting anecdote about her experience while filming a solo dance sequence for Sanjay Leela Bhansali's 'Hiramandi'. The actress revealed that she resorted to drinking alcohol in an effort to perform the 'drunk dancing' sequence more authentically. However, contrary to their expectations, alcohol consumption made their performance worse, not better.

In an interview with Zoom, Richa discussed the challenges she faced during the filming. She told that even after dancing many times, she could not dance properly. Richa said, “On the first day, I wasn't feeling like dancing drunk. So, after 30-40 takes, I thought let me take a quarter and see what happens. I drank some gin.” He hoped this approach could bring some fluidity and authenticity to his portrayal of the drunken dance.

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However, the result was not what he expected. She said, “I drank a little bit of alcohol, but that made things worse. I didn't want slowness in the body movements, I wanted some of it, maybe the precision might have gone but I wanted to have some semblance of it.” This experience led him to realize that it was better to pretend to be drunk rather than actually drink, as it gave him more control over his performance.

Richa, a self-proclaimed drinker, found the experience quite enlightening in terms of understanding her acting process. He explained in detail his approach to performance, emphasizing the technicality and precision required in his work. She said, “It's a technical job, no matter how much I dance, my costume is so heavy, I have to hit that mark, have that conversation. It was fun for me to do that.” Bollywood.

He further commented on his acting style, indicating a preference for a more immersive and focused approach rather than method acting. “I can safely say that every scene I've done on this show, and I know there aren't very many, I was 100 percent into it. I wasn't distracted even when giving signals to someone else, I Wasn't out Richa said, “The character took a lot out of me even when I was dancing, but I loved it.”

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Richa Chadha's experience shows that actors often face unseen challenges while trying to deliver the perfect scene. His decision to experiment with alcohol to improve his performance highlights the lengths to which actors can sometimes go to play their roles effectively, even if the outcome teaches them that Doesn't work.

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