Russia-Ukraine war – LIVE: Putin reshuffle 'points to serious instability' as fighting erupts in Kharkiv region

Putin sent a message to the West as he was sworn in for a fifth term as Russian president.

Vladimir Putin's decision to replace his defense minister as part of a cabinet reshuffle points to “serious instability at the heart” of his government, a former MI6 intelligence officer has said.

Christopher Steele told Sky News that Sergei Shoigu was ranked by many as the second most powerful man in Russia, suggesting the change was more than a “modest” reshuffle.

“It is important to understand that he is one of Putin's closest allies, the former head of the FSB and so for many years,” he said. “[This indicates] There is really quite serious instability at the heart of this government.”

The changes in the Kremlin come as Russia launched a surprise northeast offensive into Ukraine's Kharkiv region, which Vladimir Zelensky said had grown rapidly since it began on Friday.

“Defensive operations and heavy fighting are taking place along a key border strip in the Kharkiv area. Some villages have effectively turned from a gray zone into a war zone,” Mr Zelensky said in his nightly address.


Leaping into the skies above Estonia, British paratroopers train for a clash with Russia.

Alexander Butler13 May 2024 09:12


According to reports, Ukrainian troops were divided over the victory.

Ukraine's military is divided over the prospect of winning the war against Vladimir Putin amid Russian advances in the country's east.

Nikita and another soldier, Pavlo, who said he had spent 13 days digging trenches to stop Putin's forces in northeastern Ukraine, believed Russia would not capture Kharkiv and win the war. .

But Liu, who joined the army shortly after the attack in February 2022 and spent the past two years on the front line, wasn't so sure.

He told The Sunday TimesIf the nation was united, we would have won already. Our nation, all the people are very scattered.

Asked if his country could hope for eventual victory, he paused and exhaled before replying: “No,” according to the same newspaper.

Alexander ButlerMay 13, 2024 08:33


'We're not allowed to bring our baby from Ukraine': Migrants refused in UK after sudden change

A Ukrainian refugee couple who fled to Britain have been refused permission for their two-year-old daughter to join them after the government suddenly changed sponsorship rules. free can show.

Oleksandra and Yaroslav were offered asylum from Russia's war under the Homes for Ukraine scheme in April 2022, leaving newborn Anna with her grandparents in Kiev while she managed work and a home of her own. Do not settle in the UK.

But after finally overcoming the hurdles of finding housing in the UK and setting up their marketing business, the couple refused to submit their daughter, now a toddler, to join them in April. , following the legislation of schemes allowing Ukrainians, the Home Office refused. To do this was tightened overnight in February.

“Now it seems impossible to bring Anna,” Oleksandra pointed out free. “I was almost there – and I wasn't expecting it [the legislation] Replacing. I am so sad and disappointed, I don't know what to do and how to react. If I can't bring Anna, we'll be forced to leave everything and go somewhere else.

Arpan RoyMay 13, 2024 07:58


Russia has deployed routine war tactics in Kharkiv as thousands of people flee the area.

Thousands of civilians have fled a new Russian ground offensive in northeastern Ukraine that has hit towns and villages with artillery and mortar shells, officials said.

At least one Ukrainian unit has been forced to withdraw from the area due to intense shelling and shelling, handing more ground to Russian forces in less defended settlements in the so-called contested gray zone along the Russian border. Is.

Analysts monitoring the war have said Russia's new push is designed to take advantage of ammunition shortages before promised Western supplies reach the front lines.

Ukrainian troops said the Kremlin was using the usual Russian tactic of launching a disproportionate amount of fire and infantry attacks to overwhelm Ukrainian troops and firepower. Intensifying fighting in what was previously a stable patch of the frontline, Russian forces have threatened to annihilate Ukrainian forces in the northeast, while fighting rages in the south, where Moscow is also in the fray.

Vochansk, the largest town in the northeast, with a pre-war population of 17,000, emerged as a center in the fighting by yesterday afternoon.

Kharkiv regional police chief Volodymyr Tymushk said Russian forces were on the outskirts of the town and approaching from three directions. At least 4,000 civilians have fled the Kharkiv region since Friday, when Moscow's forces launched the operation, Governor Oleh Sinihobov said in a statement on social media. He said that there was heavy fighting on the northeastern frontline yesterday, where Russian forces attacked 27 settlements in the last 24 hours.

Arpan RoyMay 13, 2024 07:29


Russia says it has shot down 16 missiles and 31 drones fired from Ukraine.

Russia's air defense system has destroyed 16 missiles and 31 drones that Ukraine fired at Russian territory overnight, including 12 missiles at the devastated border region of Belgorod, the country's Defense Ministry said today.

Belgorod Governor Vyacheslav Gladkov said the drones damaged five houses in Belgorod, but there were no casualties according to initial reports.

Additionally, the Russian Defense Ministry claimed that a dozen guided missiles were fired from Ukraine's Volkha multiple rocket launchers.

The ministry also said that four Storm Shadow aircraft guided missiles and seven drones were shot down over Crimea, eight drones were destroyed in the Kursk region and four were intercepted in the Lipetsk region.

Igor Artamonov, governor of the region in the south of Russia, wrote on Telegram that a drone briefly ignited a fire at an electrical substation in the Kursk region.

“There were no casualties. The fire in the area of ​​the electrical substation is being extinguished,” Mr Artamonov said.

Arpan RoyMay 13, 2024 06:57


Putin's cabinet reshuffle reflects the 'severe instability at the heart' of the Kremlin.

A former MI6 intelligence officer has said that Vladimir Putin's latest move to reshuffle his cabinet to replace trusted Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu and security chief Nikolai Petroshev shows “deep instability at the heart” of the Russian government. does.

Christopher Steele told Sky: “It's important to understand that he's one of Putin's closest allies, the former head of the FSB and so for many years … and people have called him the second most powerful man in Russia after Putin. ” Christopher Steele told Sky. News

He added: “I think what this indicates is not just a reshuffling of general government lines. It's really quite serious instability at the heart of this government.”

Mr Putin launched a cabinet reshuffle yesterday, proposing to replace Sergei Shoigu as defense minister when he begins his fifth term.

In accordance with Russian law, the entire Russian cabinet resigned on Tuesday after Putin's grand inauguration in the Kremlin, and most members are widely expected to keep their jobs, while Mr Shoigu's fate remains uncertain. Looks sure.

Mr Putin signed a decree yesterday appointing Mr Shoigu as secretary of Russia's National Security Council, the Kremlin said. The appointment was announced shortly after Mr Putin proposed to replace Mr Shoigu with Andrei Belousov as the country's defense minister.

Arpan RoyMay 13, 2024 06:39


Residents of Vochansk escape shelling as Russian troops advance on the outskirts of the Ukrainian town

Barney DavisMay 13, 2024 06:06


Active 'war zone' expanding in Kharkiv, Zelinsky warns.

Vladimir Zelensky said Russia's aggression in the front-line region of Kharkiv was increasing, and more villages were engulfed in active fighting.

“Defensive operations and heavy fighting are taking place along a key border strip in the Kharkiv area. Some villages have effectively turned from a gray zone into a war zone. The occupiers are trying to capture some of them while using others to advance,'' he said in his address of the night.

He added: “Our goal is clear: to inflict maximum damage on the occupiers. Even near Vovchansk, the situation is very difficult. The city is under constant Russian fire. Our army continues to fight Russian attacks. Local people is receiving aid.

Mr Zelenskiy has appealed to everyone in the Kharkiv region to remain steadfast. “Both those in the military, defense forces, local governments and communities. Our resilience in the fight and the outcome of Ukraine are key,” he said in his nightly address.

It comes as Russian forces have reached the outskirts of the border town of Vochansk, which has invaded the Kharkiv region.

Vladimir Putin's troops entered the Kharkiv region on Friday and opened the northeastern front, a 27-month-old war that has long raged in the south and east. Kharkiv, Ukraine's second largest city, is 30 km (18 mi) from the Russian border.

Arpan RoyMay 13, 2024 05:30


The Ministry of Defense must be 'open to innovation' after the appointment of Andrey Belousov.

Putin's press secretary, Dmitry Peskov, said the president decided the Defense Ministry should be headed by a civilian “open to innovation and modern ideas.”

He said: “He who is more open to innovation is the one who will be victorious on the battlefield.”

Mr. Peskov also claimed that the change made sense because Russia was “approaching a situation similar to the Soviet Union in the mid-1980s, when the military and law enforcement officials paid 7.4 percent of state spending.” .

Barney DavisMay 13, 2024 05:06


Death toll rises to 15 in Russia's Belgorod

At least 15 people were killed and 20 injured on Sunday when part of a Russian apartment block collapsed after being hit by shrapnel from a Soviet-era missile fired by Ukraine and Russia, Russian officials said. beat down

Russia's Defense Ministry said the attack took place at 8.40am GMT and involved at least 12 missiles.

The attack on the Belgorod region is the deadliest ever, involving Tochka ballistic missiles and Adler and RM-70 Vampire (MLRS) multiple launch rocket systems.

“Shards from one of the downed Tochka-U missiles damaged an apartment building in the city of Belgorod,” the Russian ministry said.

Photos from the scene show at least 10 floors of the building collapsing. Later, as emergency services cleared the rubble for survivors, the roof collapsed and people ran for their lives, dust and debris falling behind them.

Russia's Emergencies Ministry put the death toll at 13 to 15 early this morning. According to local reports, at least 20 people were injured and at least one child was among the missing. Rocket sirens sounded as emergency workers searched the wreckage.

Both Ukraine and Russia say they do not target civilians in the war, which Russia launched against its smaller neighbor in February 2022. His attack killed thousands, displaced millions and reduced Ukrainian cities to rubble.

Arpan RoyMay 13, 2024 05:02

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