Say goodbye to RTO tests, new driving license rules in India start from June 1.

Skip the RTO test, learn and get your license at private driving schools from June 1.  (Photo: Business Today)

Skip the RTO test, learn and get your license at private driving schools from June 1. (Photo: Business Today)

The decision aims to streamline the process and encourage adoption of cleaner energy by phasing out about 9,00,000 old government vehicles.

From June 1, there will be a significant change in obtaining a driving license in India.

The Ministry of Road Transport and Highways has revealed that people will no longer need to undergo a driving test at the Government Regional Transport Office (RTO).

Instead, private driving schools will be authorized to conduct tests and provide necessary certificates for obtaining driving licenses. According to Hindustan Times, the decision is aimed at streamlining the process by scrapping around 9,00,000 old government vehicles and encouraging the adoption of cleaner energy.

The Ministry of Road Transport and Highways has simplified the process of obtaining a driving license by revising the paperwork requirements. The documents required to obtain a driving license will depend on whether applicants are applying for a two-wheeler or four-wheeler license.

This streamlined procedure reduces the need for extensive physical examinations at Regional Transport Offices (RTOs). Driving training centers should have at least 1 acre of land as per the new regulations framed by the ministry.

However, if they are doing the driving test for a four-wheeler, they must have at least two acres of land. Additionally, these centers should provide adequate training facilities. Trainers must have a high school diploma or equivalent, at least five years of driving experience and knowledge of biometrics and IT systems.

In terms of training, these centers are required to provide 29 hours of training in 4 weeks for Light Motor Vehicles (LMV), which includes 8 hours of theory and 21 hours of practical instruction. For Heavy Motor Vehicles (HMV), 38 hours of training should be given over 6 weeks comprising of 8 hours of theory and 31 hours of practical training.

As far as fees and charges are concerned, as per the new regulations, issuance of learner's license (Form 3) will cost Rs 150, with an additional Rs 50 for learner's license test or re-test. If an individual requires a driving test or a re-test, the cost will be Rs 300.

The cost of issuing a driving license will be Rs 200 and for an international license Rs 1000. If one wants to add another vehicle to his license, there will be a charge of Rs.500. It should be noted that driving schools will face a hefty fee of Rs 5000 for license renewal without training.

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