Scientists say to avoid garlic breath, eat curd. food Science

If you’ve ever given up eating garlic for fear of romantic rejection, take note: You can go on your date and eat garlic — as long as you follow it up with a spoonful of yogurt. Research shows that the fat and protein in yogurt block almost all of garlic’s odorous volatile compounds from spreading into the air.

Manpreet Kaur and Professor Sheryl Barringer at Ohio State University in Columbus, US, tested the ability of yogurt – and the water, fat and protein in it – to neutralize the sulfur compounds that give raw and cooked garlic its distinctive smell.

Their results, published in the journal Molecules, showed that yogurt alone reduced the most odor-causing volatile compounds in raw garlic by 99%. The individual fat, water, and protein components also had a neutral effect, but fat and protein were more effective than water, and high-fat yogurt was better than low-fat yogurt.

Previous research has suggested that drinking whole milk may also help get rid of garlic breath, because the fat in it binds to many of the smelly molecules. Barringer said the proteins in yogurt may also work to trap volatile molecules before they can be emitted into the air. “We know that protein binds flavor – a lot of times, this is considered a negative, especially if a high-protein food has less flavor. In this case, it could be positive,” she said.

They predicted that Greek yogurt, which has a higher protein profile than the yogurt used in the study, might be particularly effective. Fruit-flavored yogurt will also probably work – but whatever is used, it should be consumed as soon as possible after the garlic.

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His experiments also showed that roasting garlic significantly reduces the amount of foul-smelling volatile substances emitted from it. Separate research from Barringer suggests that eating a raw apple, mint or lettuce immediately after eating garlic may also help eliminate bad breath.

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