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YouTube, a popular video streaming platform, is set to expand its premium service by offering new subscription plans that come with enhanced features. This development has been announced by the company on Thursday in a community post that was made by a YouTube team member identified as Hazel – reflecting its ongoing commitment to offer more flexible and user-friendly options to its subscribers.

YouTube Premium Subscription Plans

Currently (at the time of writing the article), YouTube Premium will offer 3 primary plans:

  • Personal plan: USD 13.99 per month, or USD 139.99 per year.
  • Family plan: USD 22.99 per month, up to 6 accounts.
  • Student plan: USD 7.99 per month, available to verified students.

These plans will enable users to enjoy a number of benefits, including an ad-free viewing experience – as well as the ability to download videos for offline viewing and ad-free access to the YouTube music library.

In a recent announcement, YouTube has hinted at launching new plans through specific details that are yet to be revealed.

“We are committed to bringing more plan options to members by expanding our existing offerings to more areas, as well as introducing new plans and exploring ways for you to share your benefits with friends in the future,” Hazel added.

As The Verge reports, it was suggested that we could see more regional options and potentially new ways to share subscription benefits.

YouTube Premium Subscribers: New Features

With the new subscription plans, the video streaming platform is reportedly introducing several new features for better user experience for premium subscribers:

AI-powered 'Jump Ahead'

The AI-powered 'Jump Ahead' feature enables users to quickly jump to the most relevant parts of a video. The feature is currently available on Android, which will soon be available for iOS users in the coming weeks.

Picture-in-picture mode for YouTube Shorts

Premium subscribers (Android) will soon be able to watch YouTube Shorts in picture-in-picture mode. The feature is said to be popular on TikTok—a popular streaming platform, and is enabling a more seamless and multitasking-friendly viewing experience.

Experimental features for YouTube Premium users

YouTube is also providing access to several experimental features for Premium subscribers. Users can reportedly opt to try out these new tools, providing feedback that could shape their future development:

  1. Offline Shorts: A feature that will automatically download batches of YouTube Shorts to your handset, making them available for offline viewing.
  2. Conversational AI assistants: YouTube is re-introducing a conversational AI assistant that will follow a previous test. This assistant will aim to increase user interaction and provide a more intuitive viewing experience.
  3. Redesigned desktop watch pageA new watch page on desktop has been designed and is being tested, aimed at improving navigation and user experience.

What to look forward to?

YouTube's plans to expand premium subscription options and introduce new features highlight the platform's commitment to evolving in line with user needs and preferences.

Although the details are still under wraps, the anticipation surrounding these announcements suggests that users can expect a more customized and richer experience on YouTube Premium.

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