Severe storms could bring massive hail and a few tornadoes to vast swaths of Central America


A pair of storm systems threatened more than 40 million people across parts of the central and eastern US on Monday, with both capable of producing large hail, damaging winds and a handful of tornadoes.

The area at greatest risk stretches from central Texas to southern South Dakota, including Oklahoma City and Kansas City. The most severe storms are forecast from central Kansas to South Dakota.

Even before the storm begins, winds of up to 55 mph will be gusting from western Nebraska to the Texas Panhandle. The winds, combined with dry air and hot temperatures, will create severe fire weather in the area.

The storm will intensify on Monday afternoon and move eastwards by evening.

There is a possibility of storms overnight, so be sure to turn on severe weather warnings on your phone before going to bed. Research shows that nighttime tornadoes are more than twice as deadly as daytime tornadoes. Tornadoes that strike at night are difficult to spot in the dark and sleeping people may not know that danger is nearby.

Further east, the remnants of an isolated weekend storm could dump large hail and powerful winds across eastern North Carolina and Virginia on Monday.

The biggest storm came on Tuesday The threat extends from southern Wisconsin to Louisiana. The main threat will be damaging winds, but hail and isolated tornadoes cannot be ruled out. The most concentrated corridor for severe weather on Tuesday, particularly hail and tornadoes, is expected to be across southern Iowa and Missouri during the mid-afternoon and evening.

Flooding is a concern along the storm's path. There is a possibility of heavy rain from North Texas to North Dakota on Monday. By Tuesday, the bulk of the moisture spreads eastward, bringing the threat of flooding primarily to the Midwest.

From Nebraska to Wisconsin, widespread rainfall will be between 1 and 3 inches through Wednesday.

Milwaukee, Wisconsin, and Fort Wayne, Indiana, are already dealing with more rainfall this month, with more than a dozen river gauges at minor flood levels even before the next round of rain arrives.

CNN meteorologists Allison Chincher and Caitlin Kaiser contributed to this report.

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