Single Player Animal Well has a secret puzzle that requires 50 players to solve

Animal Well PS5 PlayStation

Surprise-hit indie Animal Well was released last weekend and it looks like it's already snagged a huge number of players with its gorgeous pixel aesthetic and a world full of secrets to uncover. Despite being a single-player game, up to 50 players will reportedly need to work together to solve a particular cryptic puzzle. WARNING: Vague spoilers for the post-game Animal Well secret puzzle!

A captivating Metroidvania, Animal Well has much more to offer than initially meets the eye. As reported by IGN, in order to beat the game and watch the credits roll, players are tasked with collecting four flames scattered throughout its various areas. Things get quite interesting as this is just part one of a three-part treasure hunt.

Following the flames, players must collect all 64 Easter eggs and place them in the appropriate corner. Brave Animal Well players doing so will be rewarded with a secret item needed to trigger the game's “true ending”.

Now, where things really get wild is the third step. The trick is that players will pass a 40×10 pixelated mural of rabbits in mid-hop at the beginning of the game, which can be manipulated and moved around after the game. Going deeper, players will have access to a 4×4 grid of tiles similar to the larger grid. Where community coordination comes in, as it turns out, each player's entire 4×4 grid makes up 1/50th of the larger whole. We can't imagine in what universe the average player would be expected to pass such a test, but thankfully TechRaptor has already done the hard work of collecting the results. Once you've solved the graffiti, you'll be ready for the next cryptic puzzle.

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