Social media: Man arrested for misuse of tricolor Ghaziabad News

Ghaziabad: Police arrested a man for allegedly insulting and abusing National flag Monday after a video of the man using the flag as a sheet to cut metals went viral. social media Platforms
On Sunday, a video started circulating on social media in which the man spread the flag on the ground. He had iron and steel scraps on top of it and was cutting the metals. The person recording the video appeared to question the man’s use of the flag, while another person picked up the flag and walked away. The man being recorded seemed unimpressed and continued his work.
The subject of the video has been identified as Alfiz, a resident of Faridnagar who works at a scrap shop, police said.
Taking notice of the video, the Ghaziabad police traced the suspect and a team from Modi Nagar police station was sent to arrest him, officials said. The team took him into custody on Monday and further legal proceedings are underway, police officials added.
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