Solar flares very common, Sun reaches peak of its 11-year cycle of activity…, scientists say – The Economic Times Video

solar flares are very common sun gets to the peak of its activity of 11 year circle say scientists

Ahmedabad Gujarat: Dr Ravi AV Kumar, scientific officer at the Institute for Plasma Research Center on Solar Storms, says, “Solar flares are very common, it happens all the time…It happens when the Sun reaches the peak of its activity -The annual cycle…after every 11 years the activity of the Sun goes from high to low and in 2025 this activity will be at its peak…at this time the probability of solar flares is high…these plasma These are highly charged particles that can travel at very high velocities… The faster these particles travel, the more dangerous they are… Since they are charged particles from the Sun, they are deflected by the Earth's magnetic field. can…some of these deflected particles can fall into Earth's polar regions which then interact with gas molecules in the upper atmosphere and they produce a color called an aurora…when a very strong solar flare occurs As happened yesterday when it combined with the Earth's atmosphere and magnetic field to produce the aurora… People are lucky enough to see it even as far as northern Italy… The aurora can also be seen in Hanle Ladakh Is… The flares come and go, they do not affect us directly but our everyday activities like communications may be affected as satellites may be disrupted… Satellite TV signals and radio communications may also be disrupted …”

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