South Korea’s Yoon calls for a stronger military amid deepening ties between North Korea and Russia

South Korea’s president has urged his troops to build an “unwavering military spirit” and train hard, as he vowed a swift response to any potential provocation by North Korea. used the speech of the day.

SEOUL, South Korea — South Korea’s president urged its troops on Tuesday to build an “unshakable military spirit” and train hard, as he warned against any possible attack by North Korea in an Armed Forces Day speech. He vowed to take immediate action against the provocation.

“Above all, our strong national defense is based on your unwavering military spirit, strong determination and clear appreciation of this,” Yun said after reviewing troops and weapon systems during the Armed Forces Day ceremony. Find out who your enemies are.” A military airfield near Seoul.

“I strongly urge you to train hard every day with the discipline required in real combat situations,” Yun said.

Yun called North Korea’s advancing nuclear program “an existential threat to our people,” but said the South Korean military would respond promptly to any North Korean provocations. He reiterated that if North Korea uses nuclear weapons, the fall of its regime would be “a massive response by South Korean and US forces.”

Concerns about North Korean-Russian military ties flared earlier this month when North Korean leader Kim Jong-un visited Russia’s far east, held a summit with President Vladimir Putin and held key talks there. Visited military places.

North Korea reportedly wants to acquire Russian technology to develop spy satellites, nuclear-powered submarines and powerful long-range missiles. Experts say that such a weapons system, if completed, would pose a major security threat to South Korea and the United States.

During his Tuesday speech, Yun did not mention North Korea-Russia relations. But speaking at the UN General Assembly last week, Yoon said South Korea “isn’t going to sit back” if North Korea and Russia agree to such an arms transfer deal in violation of UN Security Council resolutions. Ga” which bans all arms trade related to North Korea.

U.S. officials have also warned that North Korea and Russia will face consequences if they pursue such prohibited agreements.

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