space debris

Source: Hindustan Times

Context: A Defunct Russian satellite, RESURS-P1broke down over 100 pieces of debrisForcefully The astronauts on the International Space Station (ISS) had to stay in their spacecraft for about an hour.,

  • This incident has further aggravated the issue There is growing concern about space debris because space becomes Loaded with important satellite networks.

About this space debris,

  • artificial In objects There are no longer any operational satellites in Earth orbit.

Example: defunct satellites, spent rocket stages, and pieces of debris left over from collisions.

Hazards from space debris:

  • threat to marine lifeObjects that fall into the oceans pose a threat to marine life and contribute to pollution.
  • Threats to satellitesDebris poses a hazard to operational satellites, potentially causing malfunctions.
  • Kessler SyndromeThe abundance of space debris is leading to serial collisions.
  • Reduction of orbital slots: Stockpiling limits the availability of orbital slots for future missions.
  • Space Situational AwarenessThe growing debris complicates tracking and orbit prediction for satellite operators and space agencies.
space debris
space debris
Threat from space debris

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