Staying at Disney's Art of Animation as an adult is worth $265

I love the “Cars” area of ​​Disney’s Art of Animation Resort.
Stacy Brooks

Couples can easily spend $4,000 (or more) on a weeklong trip to Disney World, but my husband and I have found a few ways to save money.

Even though we don't have kids, we usually stay at Disney's Art of Animation Resort. It is popular with families because of its kid-friendly, Disney-movie theme. But adults shouldn't overlook budget-friendly hotels.

Here's how our most recent stay was and why the Art of Animation is one of the best places to stay for adults at Disney World.

Rates are budget-friendly (for Disney).

Art of Animation is one of Disney's “value” resorts.
Stacy Brooks

The Art of Animation is classified as a value resort, meaning it is one of the most affordable options to stay on property at Disney World.

Our standard rooms cost only $265 per night. but we still get perks like Early Access to Parks And free transportation throughout Disney World.

The moment we checked in, we felt like we were at Disney World.

There are fun pictures throughout the lobby area.
Stacy Brooks

The lobby of the Art of Animation is decorated from floor to ceiling with some of Disney's drawings beloved animated movies, Guests can meet characters like Simba, Lightning McQueen, Ursula and Nemo.

The Disney-animation theme extends throughout the grounds, with different sections of the resort dedicated to “the little Mermaid,” “The Lion King,” “Finding Nemo,” and “Cars.”

The “Little Mermaid” rooms are colorful and whimsical.

We got a “Little Mermaid” themed room.
Stacy Brooks

When our standard room in the “Little Mermaid” section of the resort was ready we received a text message with our room number.

The room had two queen-sized beds, a small table with two chairs, and a dresser.

I loved the underwater decor inspired by the animated movie – like the clam shell-shaped headboard, the mirror framed by fish, and the Flounder and Sebastian wall art. There were even pieces of sheet music for “Under the Sea” laid out on the table.

I also appreciated the subtle touches, like the blue-green floors that transitioned to beach-like tile in the bathroom area.

Our room also had lots of practical amenities.

My husband and I had plenty of space in our hotel room.
Stacy Brooks

The room was lovely, but it was also designed for one stay comfortable,

My husband appreciated the curtain over the sink area, so the vanity light didn't bother him when I got ready for bed. We also liked the multiple USB charging ports and outlets on the night tables and dressers.

Although the rooms at Value Resorts are small, we did not feel cramped.

There was a closet with a luggage rack, shelving, and hangers, and the dresser had three large drawers to keep our clothes. There was also an octopus-shaped peg rack to hang our jackets.

The Big Blue Pool isn't just fun for kids.

There is a great bar by the pool with fun drinks.
Stacy Brooks

Art of Animation's “Finding Nemo”-inspired Big Blue Pool is the largest Resort Pool at Disney World,

It features larger-than-life coral reef sculptures and a kid-friendly splash pad. But there's also plenty of space for adults to relax with a drink from the drop-off pool bar.

The bar serves cocktails, boozy slushies and snacks as well as non-alcohol smoothies and sodas.

Exploring the resort feels like stepping into a Disney movie.

The “Little Mermaid” section features a giant Ariel statue.
Stacy Brooks

Every time I left my room, it was like me favorite disney movies came to life.

Right outside my room were giant statues of Ariel and Ursula from “The Little Mermaid.” In another section, I can see Pride Rock or take a photo with Timon and Pumbaa “The Lion King.”

In addition to the Big Blue Pool with Nemo, Crush and Mister Ray, “Finding Nemo” One part of the resort has giant seagulls that say “Mine!” Are raising slogans.

The “Cars” area is especially amazing.

Fillmore is one of my favorite “Cars” characters.
Stacy Brooks

Attention to detail in “Cars” The resort section is next level.

Most of Radiator Springs has been rebuilt, including the Cozy Cone Motel, the Wheel Well Motel, and Luigi's Casa Della Tires. There are giant statues of all the characters from the movie, and I couldn't miss the opportunity to take pictures with my favorites (Fillmore and Doc Hudson).

Even if your room isn't near the “Cars” area, head there after dark to see the Cozy Cone Motel sign in all its neon glory.

The Art of Animation is connected to Hollywood Studios and Epcot by the Skyliner Gondolas.

The Skyliner goes to Hollywood Studios and Epcot at Disney World.
Stacy Brooks

disney buses Okay, but my favorite free transportation option on property is the Skyliner.

Unlike buses, Gondolas run constantly, so there's never long to wait – even at the beginning and end of the day, lines move fast.

It took us about 10 minutes to reach Hollywood Studios and about 20 minutes to reach Epcot via skyliner, If you time your visit right, you can also watch the Epcot Fireworks Show from the Gondolas.

I wouldn't stay anywhere else at Disney World.

I love being in Art of Animation at Disney World.
Stacy Brooks

I have stayed at several Disney World resorts and I can confidently say that Art of Animation is the best.

Its budget-friendly rates and extensive themes make my time at Disney World extra magical.

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