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There has been an increase in the number of spam calls recently. It is difficult to block spam numbers manually as new numbers keep coming in. However, Android users have a solution to this problem. The Google Phone app includes an important feature: spam blocking. It uses Google's extensive database of business and personal phone numbers to improve caller ID. The app can identify junk calls and effectively block spam calls before they reach your phone. Here's how you can enable spam call filtering on Android smartphones.

To enable spam call filtering on your Android smartphone, follow these steps:

Step 1: Install the “Phone by Google” app from the Play Store.

Step 2: Set the “Phone by Google” app as your default dialer.

After opening the app, you'll be asked to set it as your default dialer. Tap “Set as Default” and select the “Phone” app with the blue icon. Confirm your choice by tapping “Set as Default” again.

Step 3: Enable the Caller ID and Spam Block settings.

Tap the three-dot menu on the main screen, go to Settings, and then choose Caller ID & Spam. Make sure all settings are enabled to take advantage of spam blocking and verified calling options. If these settings are not enabled by default, just turn them on.

India TV - Spam protection on Android

Image Source: FileSpam protection on Android

Step 4: Update your default Caller ID and Spam app.

You'll need to update the default app used by the system for caller ID and spam capabilities. The location of this setting varies by manufacturer, so you may need to find “Default App” in your system settings. If the setting is empty, simply select the “Phone” app icon.

India TV - Spam protection on Android

Image Source: FileSpam protection on Android

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