Sunday Night Football program kicks off with Lions visit to Rams

Last season's Wild Card game between the Rams and Lions was exciting and the two teams will meet again on the first Sunday night of the NFL season.

The Lions won that game 24–23, beginning a journey that culminated in the NFC Championship Game and matchup sunday night football There will be an early assessment of two teams with aspirations of postseason success.

Both teams will play other matches on Sunday night. The Lions will visit the Texans in Week 10 while the Rams will be at home against the Eagles in Week 12. The Texans and Eagles are also scheduled for multiple showdowns and those four teams include the Chiefs, Bills, Cowboys, Jets, and Detroit Lions. 49ers. The Cowboys have three Sunday night games scheduled.

The schedule is not set in stone. NFL flexible scheduling procedures allow two changes to the schedule from Week Five to Week 10 and the league can change any game from Week 11 to Week 17, although the move must be made 12 days in advance and only after consultation. Broadcaster. Week 18 matchups are determined after the Week 17 games are played.

full sunday night football The schedule for the 2024 season is as follows:

Week one: Rams at Lions
Week Two: Bears at Texas
Week Three: Dominant at Falcons
Week Four: Bills at Ravens
Week Five: Cowboys at Steelers
Week Six: Bengals at Giants
Week Seven: Jets at Steelers
Week Eight: Cowboys at 49ers
Week nine: Jaguars at Eagles
Week 10: Lions at Texas
Week 11: Colts at Jets
Week 12: Eagles at Rams
Week 13: 49ers at Bills
Week 14: Chargers at Chiefs
Week 15: Packers at Seahawks
Week 16: Buccaneers at Cowboys
Week 17: Dolphins at Browns
Week 18: TBD

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