Sunday Ticket decision could speed up effort for 18 games

It doesn't take a crystal ball to know that the NFL wants to extend the regular season to 18 games. It also doesn't take psychic powers to know that the league should be prepared to write a check for potentially $14.088 billion (plus prejudgment interest, post-judgment interest and attorneys' fees) after all appeals are exhausted.

Put the two together, and the league could be building a war chest for the worst-case scenario between now and the time the Supreme Court either refuses to take the case or rules against the NFL. (If the Supreme Court does in fact take the case, it will likely rule in the league's favor — especially if Clarence Thomas can be trusted Earn your free Super Bowl ring,

It will take about three years to get there, maybe four. In the meantime, why not speed up the inevitable?

There's nothing stopping the NFL and the NFL Players Association from agreeing to new terms whenever they want. The CBA is a living, breathing document that doesn't need to expire before it can be changed. (From 1993 to 2011, it was always extended a year or more before its expiration.)

Though players wouldn't have to pay any of the $14.088 billion, changes to Sunday Ticket could impact revenue, either by decreasing the value of the package or affecting payments received from Sunday afternoon broadcast deals.

One way to ensure that rising tides lift all boats is to add games and windows. An extra game and an extra bye becomes 20 weekends of regular-season football. As mentioned earlier, the NFL has to make up for this Retake Labor Day Weekend The Super Bowl was scheduled to be held on Presidents Day weekend.

Which would be fine, because it would lead to even more profit. The season would start Thursday night, Friday night, Saturday night, Sunday night, Monday night. To make $14.088 billion, maximize the money.

With a new season-start of 18 games and five nights, the NFL could go to the network and renegotiate TV deals as well.

Then, if the NFL ultimately wins the Sunday Ticket case in the Supreme Court, all of the new money will be free.

Pigs get fat, pigs get slaughtered? If the NFL takes the right steps in handling the Sunday Ticket case going forward, pigs will continue to get slaughtered.

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