Super Mario 64's secret 'unopenable' door has finally been opened

one of super mario 64Some of the remaining mysteries have been solved, thanks to a player who figured out how to open the first “unopenable” door in the 1996 Nintendo 64 classic. We can thank a nearly four-hour YouTube video that explains in detail how invisible walls work super mario 64And the game's community's tenacity for innovation.

That previously inaccessible door is located in the Cool, Cool Mountain world, where Mario memorably meets a pair of mother and baby penguins – and even races against a giant penguin in the Big Penguin Race mission. (This serves as an amusing reminder that in the Mario universe, penguins are referred to as “penguins”.)

According to a new video from the YouTube content creator and super mario 64 Expert Scott Buchanan (aka pannenkoek2012), the person who ultimately solved the game's locked-door mystery, was Alexpalix1, an experienced speedrunner who has developed dozens of tool-assisted runs. Alex takes advantage of the hit box of Cool, Cool World's mother penguin to push Mario through an invisible barrier, but adds a quick change move to perform a frame-perfect maneuver, allowing Mario to open that door. – And he may not die.

Interestingly, Alex was reportedly inspired by Buchanan's earlier video super mario 64Use of invisible walls. The three-hour and 45-minute video gives a technical in-depth look at how Nintendo designed the 3D platformer to prevent players from accessing certain parts of the game.

Buchanan provides a very quick rundown on how invisible walls work super mario 64 And how Nintendo intentionally used them to prevent players from accessing locked doors. But his nearly four-hour long video continues super mario 64If you have the time, 'Invisible Walls' is also a fun and informative watch.

However, for now, just enjoy a community of video game players once again doing what was previously thought impossible.

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