Supreme Court Trump Presidential Immunity: Live Updates

Former President Donald Trump's campaign sent out an email to raise funds against the Supreme Court's ruling on presidential immunity.

A Trump campaign fundraising email said, “News from Trump: Supreme Court grants full immunity for government actions!”

The fundraising email further stated, “Officials cannot be prosecuted for illegal acts – this is a huge win for democracy and our Constitution!” Describing the case as an “espionage operation” it said “should never have happened.”

-ABC News' Surin Kim

Justice Ketanji Brown Jackson dissented from the Supreme Court's presidential immunity decision, arguing that it “opens a new and dangerous path.”

“So, how does this new presidential accountability model work? The initial problem is that there is a lack of clarity about what this new model involves,” he wrote.

Jackson said the decision “unilaterally altered the balance of power between the three coordinate branches of our government as it relates to the rule of law, and increased power in the judiciary and the executive to the detriment of Congress.”

Both Jackson and Justice Sonia Sotomayor dissented. Justice Elena Kagan also joined Sotomayor in dissenting.

The opinion, divided 6-3, was written by Chief Justice John Roberts.

Justice Sonia Sotomore wrote a dissent, opposing the conservative justices' ruling on former President Donald Trump's immunity case.

Sotomayor said in her dissent that the decision “makes a mockery of the bedrock principle of our Constitution and system of government, that no person is above the law.”

He argued that conservative judges had “invented an unintelligible, ahistorical and unjustifiable immunity that puts the president above the law.”

He said, “This decision, which would prevent the government from using the president's official acts to prove knowledge or intent in prosecuting private crimes, is nonsensical. In argument after argument, the majority invents immunity through brute force.”

Sotomayor also said the decision leaves open the possibility that a president “will be protected from criminal prosecution when he uses his official powers in any way.”

Sotomayor wrote, “Orders Navy SEAL Team 6 to assassinate a political rival? Immune. Organizes a military coup to hold on to power? Immune. Accepts bribes in exchange for pardons? Immune. Immune, Immune, Immune.”

Justice Elena Kagan and Justice Ketanji Brown Jackson also joined Sotomore in her dissent.

The opinion, divided 6-3, was written by Chief Justice John Roberts.

A spokesperson for special counsel Jack Smith's office told ABC News that his office declined to comment on the Supreme Court's decision.

The court’s decision will affect whether former President Donald Trump will face a federal trial on four felony counts leveled this year by Smith, including conspiracy to defraud the United States and obstruction of an official proceeding, for his efforts to overturn his 2020 election loss to President Joe Biden.

-ABC News' Alexander Malin

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