T20 World Cup 2024 – India vs Bangladesh – Rohit Sharma on batting against Bangladesh – We want to play in the same way and move forward

“You need to show intent and take on the bowlers, so from a batting point of view it was enjoyable,” Anil Kumble said.

Are we seeing Hardik at his peak now?

Are we seeing Hardik at his peak now?

Anil Kumble talks about Hardik's innings and why it was important on a great pitch

Rohit Sharma believes India's batting strategy against Bangladesh – batting aggressively from ball one – “is the way we want to play.”

“I have been talking about this for a long time,” Rohit said after India’s 50-run win against Bangladesh, which kept India unbeaten in the T20 World Cup 2024 and is expected to make it to the semi-finals. “It’s just about going out there and knowing what is expected of us, what we need to do and how we need to play.

“Considering everything, we played really well. We adapted ourselves according to the circumstances. There are some factors that helped us move ahead. [like the wind] You have to keep those options in mind and choose wisely. We played smartly with bat and ball. Overall it was a great effort.”

India scored 196 runs after being asked to bat, with Virat Kohli's 37 off 28 balls being the best and Hardik Pandya's unbeaten 50 being the highest. Rishabh Pant (36 off 24 balls) played a brilliant innings while Rohit scored 23 off 11 balls and Shivam Dubey scored 34 off 24 balls.

“Look, all the eight batsmen have to play their role, whoever it is,” Rohit said. “We saw only one player score a half-century but still we scored 198 runs. [196]In T20, I don't think you need to score half-centuries and centuries. What matters is how you can put pressure on the opposition.

“All the batsmen were trying to do that from the start. That's the way we want to play and motivate ourselves to move forward. Yes, you have to understand the conditions as well, but there is a lot of experience in our team, and we want them to use that experience on the field.”

“Today's match was a great example of what he can do with the bat. He is a very important player for us. If he continues to do this, we will be in a good position”Rohit Sharma targeted Hardik Pandya

Former India captain and head coach Anil Kumble described the approach as “refreshing”.

“You want the batsmen to come and take on the bowlers,” Kumble said on ESPNcricinfo's T20 Timeout show. “This is a format where you can't come and sit back and allow good bowlers to bowl four overs.

“You need to show intent and take on the bowlers, so from a batting point of view, it was enjoyable. Yes, if you see the way they got out, you would probably expect them to do the same going forward. But, in this format, you want them to work hard. Even Rishabh Pant hit a six, a four and tried the reverse sweep.”

Kumble also suggested playing an extra batsman at number 8 [Ravindra Jadeja, who didn’t get a chance to bat] The top order had been strengthened. “Jadeja is eight. That gives batsmen a little more freedom to show their intent,” Kumble said. “And it's not about a batsman scoring 70-80 runs. Yes, if it has to happen it happens, but I don't think India want to play this kind of format.

“When you had one batsman less earlier, it used to be a kind of template where one batsman would bat and all the other batsmen would play around that one batsman. Then there used to be the anchor role. Now those things are over. You have a slightly longer batting line-up, which means you can show intent from ball one.”

Kumble: 'It was refreshing to see India's intent'

The former Indian captain praised the way the top order maintained its momentum.

Hardik showed this intent when he produced a second impressive batting performance in the competition. Two nights ago, his half-century partnership with Suryakumar Yadav had pulled India out of a difficult situation when Rashid Khan had put pressure on India. On Saturday, Hardik ensured India kept the momentum going till the break; the last five overs produced 62 runs.

Hardik hit four fours and three sixes and to some extent made up for Dube's initial struggles during their 53-run partnership.

“I said in the last match that his partnership with Surya was fantastic. [was crucial]”The way they batted, we are in a very good position,” Rohit said. “The top five-six have set the platform to finish the game off, so we want to finish the innings really well.

“Hardik is Hardik, we know what he is capable of. Today's match was a great example of what he can do with the bat. He is a very important player for us. If he continues to do this, we will be in a good position.”

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