Taking advantage of dairy to boost metabolic health and weight control

There has been some discussion on the issue of dairy products and weight management, but studies show that consumption of dairy products can significantly affect weight control. Therefore, dairy products like Greek yogurt and cheese, which are high in protein, help increase satiety and reduce total calorie intake. On the other hand, several studies state that the calcium in dairy products may also regulate fat metabolism and support weight loss efforts.

How does dairy affect metabolism?

“Dairy products have a lot to do with metabolic well-being. It is known that it reduces the chances of developing metabolic diseases like type 2 diabetes, according to studies, consumption of dairy products definitely reduces the risk of developing such diseases. “Dairy products provide a variety of minerals, including calcium, vitamin D and protein, among other nutrients that may promote insulin sensitivity and metabolic health.” says Aman Jain, co-founder and CEO of Doodhwala.

Reasons why you should avoid dairy if you want to lose weight:

  1. Dairy products are a good source of protein in addition to other macronutrients essential for muscle growth and maintenance. As people on the path to weight loss build and maintain muscle, it can help them strengthen their bodies as they also lose fat in a healthy balance.
  2. Peptide YY, which reduces hunger cravings and increases satiety, is present in milk.
  3. Dairy products contain abundant amounts of calcium. It stimulates metabolism, and ultimately, this translates into weight loss.

Why is eating full fat a better option?

On the flip side, the food chosen will be full-fat dairy with rich nutrients that will be difficult to obtain on a low-fat or dairy-restricted diet. Dairy foods contain more nutrients than low-fat foods, and dairy foods contain no added sugars.

It also suggests that consumption of dairy fat reduces the risk of metabolic syndrome and obesity. Metabolic syndrome refers to a group of factors that increase the chance of developing heart disease or diabetes, including high levels of cholesterol and blood pressure, high blood sugar, and obesity.

In short, dairy may prove beneficial for weight management and overall health when consumed in a balanced diet. By choosing high-quality dairy products and carefully incorporating them into your diet, you can benefit from their potential benefits.

published by:

Megha Chaturvedi

Published on:

15 April 2024

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