Tata Institute of Social Sciences laid off around 100 staff, including teachers, across all campuses.

The Tata Institute of Social Sciences, or TISS, has laid off around 55 teaching faculty members and 60 non-teaching staff across its four campuses. Indian Express on Sunday.

According to the newspaper, this includes half of the institute's teaching staff and all its non-teaching staff at its campus in Guwahati.

Of the sacked teaching staff, 20 are from the institute's Mumbai campus, 15 from Hyderabad, 14 from Guwahati and six from its campus in Taljapur, Maharashtra.

Many of them had been working in the institute for more than a decade.

“Around one hundred institute staff members who were earlier funded by the Tata Education Trust will become unemployed after years of service to TISS,” the institute's Progressive Students' Forum said in a statement. “It is a complete failure of the present leadership of the TISS administration to run the institution and the indifference of the Bharatiya Janata Party-led central government.”

The employees were allegedly fired without prior notice. They received termination letters on Friday, stating that their contracts – which expire on Sunday – will not be renewed “in the absence of approval/grant from the Tata Education Trust”, the report said. Hindu.

The termination letters, signed by office registrar Anil Sottar, said: “The institute tried its best to release the grant from the Tata Education Trust for the purpose of salary… through official correspondence and personal meetings… the period of the grant. No further extension has been decided yet.”

“While there has been no direct communication from the trust that they are going to stop the grant, there have been no other discussions,” an unnamed board member was quoted as saying. Indian Express.

All those laid off are contract employees. The rest of the faculty at Tata Institute of Social Sciences are permanent employees on the payroll of the University Grants Commission.

A change in University Grants Commission regulations last June brought the institute under the administrative purview of the Centre.

Acting Vice-Chancellor Manoj Tiwari told the press that a committee has been formed to discuss the matter with the Tata Education Trust. He said that if the grants are received, it can be returned. “But in the absence of a change in the situation, there is no alternative.”

An unidentified staff member from the Guwahati campus, which is among those evacuated, said. Indian Express that their contracts had expired in May.

“But earlier this month, we received an email requesting us to continue the work of the institute until the Tata Trust's funding is renewed,” he said. “There was an agreement that the contracts would be renewed.”

He added: “We were not even given a month's notice as stipulated in our contracts. We are only given two days to fill the no-obligation form to claim our June salaries.

Another faculty member from Guwahati said, “We had no idea that they would not honor their commitment to us. Indian Express.

The Progressive Students' Forum has demanded that the institute arrange for the sacking of contractual employees with the Center and the University Grants Commission.

The forum said in a statement, “Though the elimination of one hundred such posts will directly affect the future of students enrolled in the institute, it will also allow for politically motivated appointments in the near future.” can give,” the forum said in a statement.

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