Tata Nexon variant breakdown: Understanding the endless variant list

There are a total of 100 variants of the Nexon, including the dual-tone variant, which can be confusing to choose from

Tata Nexon is the best selling SUV in India today and has held this title for the last three years. Tata offers its subcompact SUV in four broad variants, which the carmaker calls its identity – Smart, Pure, Creative and Fearless. However, if we take into account the engine options, transmission options, dual-tone options and sub variants, the Nexon comes in a total of 100 variants!

While it is true that Tata is offering a lot of value for money options to customers, trying to cater to the idea of ​​“something for everyone”, having 100 variants to choose from is very confusing, if not extremely disappointing. May be about to do. Even going through the entire list of variants can be a big task, so we thought it would be better if we included each of these additional sub-variants, such as 'plus', 's', '(o)', And analyze '. Bring 'PR' to the table too.

Powertrain-wise distribution

Like any car, variants of the Nexon are subcategorized based on engine and transmission options. However, unlike most cars with more than two gearboxes per engine, there are also plenty of transmission options. While the diesel engine gets only two transmissions – a 6-speed manual and a 6-speed AMT, the petrol engine gets four – 5-speed manual, 6-speed manual, 6-speed AMT and a 7-speed DCT, which Contributing greatly to the long variant list.

Here are the details of variant-wise engine and transmission options:


1.2-litre petrol

1.5-litre diesel


5-speed MT, 6-speed AMT

6-speed MT


6-speed MT, 6-speed AMT

6-speed MT, 6-speed AMT


6-Speed ​​MT, 6-Speed ​​AMT, 7-Speed ​​DCT

6-speed MT, 6-speed AMT


6-speed MT, 7-speed DCT

6-speed MT, 6-speed AMT

This distribution of transmission options makes the SUV 16 variants, but it doesn't stop there. All these variants are further divided into many more sub variants, which offer some additional features compared to the previous ones. Let's see what these sub-types are, and how they differ from normal.

OPT OR (O) Variant

This is the latest version and luckily it's the only one (for now). Smart Opt is the new base-variant of the Nexon and comes with a petrol engine mated to a 5-speed MT. Yes, this variant lacks some features, but it reduces the starting price of the Nexon which helps it compete with its rivals.

plus variant

Adding a '+' sign after a variant to make it a different variant is nothing new, and a lot of car manufacturers do this. These “Plus” variants generally offer a few more features than the standard at a lower price. But Tata has taken it a step further.

This isn't just one of the plus variants for the mid-spec trim, with one for each engine type. Instead, each personality or variant gets its own set of '+' sub variants except the mid-spec Pure, which is further expanded due to multiple powertrain options.

To understand this better, let's see what else you get with these variants. In the base-level Smart variant, the Smart Plus variant offers a 7-inch touchscreen, smartphone connectivity and some comfort and convenience features. In the Creative edition, the Creative Plus variant brings a larger 10.25-inch touchscreen, a 360-degree camera and more comfort features, and in the top-spec Fearless edition, the variant with the Plus suffix adds features like ventilated front seats. Leatherette upholstery, and connected car features.

S variant

Sunroofs are one of the most popular, non-essential features in cars today. Instead of adding a sunroof to its variants, Tata gave the sunroof its own set of variants. Standard variants of the Nexon, which do not have an 'S' in the name, do not come with a sunroof, and the same is true for the top-spec Fearless variant. If you want to buy Nexon with sunroof as a feature, then you will have to choose the 'S' variant of the SUV.

But, it's not just the sunroof, some of these 'S' variants also get you extra features to justify the price premium. However, this is just the tip of the Tata iceberg, and the next ones are even more confusing.

plus s variant

Yes, the 'Plus' variant has its own sub variant called 'Plus S' variant. In these variants, you get all the extra features of the 'Plus' variant along with sunroof. But, for the Smart and Creative variants, if you want a sunroof, you can only go for the 'Plus S' variant, which means you will not only have to pay extra for the sunroof, but also a premium price for it. Will have to pay. 'Plus' features.

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#Dark, DT, FearlessPR variants

These are cosmetic updates on all three standard and sub-variants, and here's a brief rundown on all of them.

  • #Dark: This is the Dark Edition of the Nexon and comes with all-black exteriors, all-black cabin and #Dark badging inside and out. This edition is available with Creative and Fearless variants, and carries a premium of Rs 35,000.

  • DT: These are dual-tone variants and come with white or black roof depending on the variant. The DT variants are available as an option with the Creative variant, but the Fearless variants are only available with the dual-tone option. These variants command a price of Rs 10,000 more than the monotone variant.

  • FearlessPR: As the name suggests, this variant is based on the top-spec Fearless variant, and the 'PR' here stands for Purple. With this variant, you not only get a purple exterior shade but also a purple-black theme for the cabin. The FearlessPR variant does not demand any price premium.

Now, these cosmetic-focused variants are added to the above sub-variants of the SUV, creating even more sub-variants like Creative Plus S DT, Creative Plus S Dark, FearlessPR DT Plus S, Fearless Dark, etc. With the inclusion of these sub-variants along with multiple powertrain options, the total variant count of the Tata Nexon reaches 100.

Going too far?

With so many combinations, it is hard to keep track of all the variants, and even harder to identify the right variant for those considering buying the Nexon. While Tata has added multiple variants to offer value for money proposition at different price points, we believe it is time for the carmaker to stop adding more variants, and opt for simple variant-delivery Try to reduce the variant count to a reasonable number.

However, the number of variants of the Tata Nexon is only going to increase, as the carmaker is planning to launch a CNG version of the sub-compact SUV soon. This will increase the number of variants far beyond the current tally of 100, and make choosing among them harder and more confusing.

In comparison, the Tata Nexon's key rivals have a relatively easy palette to choose from. For example Maruti Brezza has 15 variants, Hyundai Venue has 24 variants and Kia Sonet has 23 variants to choose from.

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