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Gurgaon: Temperatures rose slightly on Monday, while forecasts suggest further rise and a possible heat wave from May 16 to 18. According to India, the maximum temperature is likely to rise to 46 degrees Celsius in south Haryana and 44 degrees in the north. Meteorological Department. Monday recorded a minimum temperature of 27 degrees Celsius, which was higher than Sunday's 26 degrees. It was 3.8 degrees above normal. The day temperature was 40.2 degree Celsius compared to 39.7 degree Celsius on Sunday. According to the IMD, the weather is expected to remain dry with clear skies during the next 4 to 5 days. “The region is likely to witness heatwave conditions from May 16 onwards. The maximum temperature is likely to hover around 46 degrees Celsius, while the minimum is likely to hover between 24 and 26 degrees Celsius,” he said. An IMD official said. 4.5 mark or more, and when the maximum temperature is at least 40 degrees Celsius. If the maximum temperature reaches 45 degrees Celsius or more, it is also considered a heat wave. When the maximum temperature rises by 6.5 degrees or more above the normal temperature, an 'extreme' heat wave is declared. Air quality remains in the moderate category. The 24-hour average AQI was recorded at 184 on Monday, which was 146 on Sunday. Delhi witnessed a hot and humid day on Monday as the Meteorological Department predicted light rain with gusty winds throughout the day. The Meteorological Department expects to see an upward trend in the maximum temperature from Tuesday onwards, reaching 44 degrees Celsius by Friday.” The region saw some cloud cover on Monday, but not much impact on Delhi. The city will witness clear skies after Tuesday, with a trend of rising temperatures, an India Meteorological Department (IMD) official said. This means that there will be no rain in the region for the next six days.The city has seen a 96% decrease in rainfall this month, with Najafgarh being the hottest region in the region.

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The maximum temperature is likely to be 38 degrees Celsius. The IMD has predicted thunderstorms in Delhi today.

Delhi experienced a temperature of 25.8 degrees Celsius with thundershowers. At 8.30 am the humidity ratio was 53%. The maximum temperature is expected to be around 38C with rain. An AQI of 198, classified by the CPCB as “moderate”, falls into different categories.

The drinking water crisis in Bagavi has intensified with rising temperatures.

Belagavi district is facing severe water scarcity as rivers and reservoirs are drying up. Dependence on tankers is increasing, groundwater levels are falling rapidly. Officials are concerned about the impact of pre-monsoon rains on water supplies, stressing conservation measures.

April temperatures in Indonesia are the warmest in more than four decades.

Indonesia experienced its hottest April in 40 years, with soaring temperatures breaking records. The country experienced a severe heat wave, which affected Asia, while global warming and rising sea levels pose significant threats to its future.

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