Terrorism: Do not give platform to reports and opinions of people accused of terrorism: Govt advisory to TV news channels | India News

New Delhi: The Center on Thursday issued an advisory asking television channels to avoid giving any platform to persons facing serious charges of terrorism.
The Ministry of Information and Broadcasting said that it had come to their notice that a person in a foreign country who had cases against him for serious crimes including terrorism was invited to debate on a television channel.
“The said person made several comments/remarks which were detrimental to the sovereignty/integrity of the country, security of India, India’s friendly relations with a foreign state and also likely to disturb public order in the country,” the Center said. In a statement
“Television channels are advised to refrain from giving any platform to reports/references and opinions/agenda about people from such backgrounds including those against whom serious crimes/ There are allegations of terrorism and belonging to organizations prohibited by law. The reasonable grounds prescribed under Article 19(2) of the Constitution and mentioned under sub-section (2) of Section 20 of the CTN Act. Regarding sanctions,” he added.

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