The 2020 COVID college football season remains hard to process


The 2020 COVID college football season is now four years old. Much has happened since then, notably the collapse of the Alabama and Clemson football dynasties, which were replaced by Georgia and then Michigan as champions of the sport. Is there something to be learned from the 2020 Covid season? We all know how strange and unusual this was on many levels. The interesting question is how much we should take from what happened that year.

Compare 2020 to 2019 and 2021 in college football. If a coach or team has regressed or improved from one year to the next, that example of regression or improvement may not be as significant, given the disruptive effects of the pandemic on practice, performance, roster cohesion, home-field advantage, and more. Doesn't matter. Other changes in college football during those years. Will some of the things that happened in 2020 continue into 2021, or cease to exist? Did some things from 2019 continue into 2020 or get disrupted?

Current USC running backs coach Anthony Jones was hit by regression in Memphis in 2020. This can be seen as legitimate reason to question how good Jones is as a running backs coach. Still, was 2020 more about COVID and less about Jones' coaching skills? Let's remember that USC only lost one game in 2020 (albeit in the shortened schedule). No one would say Helton did a particularly good job that year, but it only reinforces that it was hard to separate on-field results from actual coaching performance in 2020. Be careful whenever you make 2020-based college football evaluations.

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