The actor revealed about his sex life, confessed to having a large number of sex partners

He has over 10 years of experience.

William Chak FI

An actor opens up about his sex life, including his opinions and details of having a purely sexual relationship.

William Chuck 1
William Chuck @chuckwilliam/Instagram

William Chuck is a 39-year-old actor who is primarily active in the Hong Kong entertainment industry after winning the title of Mr. Hong Kong in 2010.

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William Chuck in the “Mr. Hong Kong” contest ST Headline

In a recent interview, William talked openly about his sex life and revealed the reason for doing so.

I'm almost 40, so I don't want to waste time lying. Anyway, I don't have any fans. To be honest, I have always had multiple sex partners over the years. This is how I live my life.

-William Chuck

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William Chuck @chuckwilliam/Instagram

According to William, he has had a large number of sex partners over the past ten years, although he declined to reveal exactly how many.

Certainly this number is very large. I don't meet each of them every day. With some people, I meet them once a month; For others, every six months. There are also some in Japan and Korea. There are only a few I meet all the time, not a shocking number. Those who have sex partners will understand.

-William Chuck

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William Chuck @chuckwilliam/Instagram

William also has some advice for those who want to have a purely sexual relationship like him.

We just want to have fun and don't care whether the other person has multiple partners or not. We meet when our schedules match and we're in the right mood. As long as everyone is happy and comfortable, all is well. We do not interfere in each other's personal life.

To avoid sexually transmitted diseases, both parties have to protect themselves. As a mature and experienced person in this field, [let me tell you], You cannot force things or lie. Why would you want to lie? It is not good to hurt others. So please, if you want to do this, be careful when meeting someone new.

-William Chuck

William Chuck 6
William Chuck @chuckwilliam/Instagram

William said he believes men are born to prefer multiple partners, although women are slowly becoming the same due to gender equality and open-mindedness. They also believe that, since getting married and having children creates pressure, and men and women are earning money at equal levels, it is natural to deviate from the desire to have a family life and move toward that life. Is what every person wants.

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William Chuck (left) | @chuckwilliam/Instagram

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